Madden NFL 21 announced the most interesting aspect:​​player ratings

Aug-16-2020 categories: Madden 21

After a successful outing with Patrick Mahomes, EA Sports once again faced the Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson in the finals in the Madden NFL 21 game. The outing led by Mahomes was 76 in Metacritic. The next issue is August 28. Thanks to Skill Stick, many improvements may be made in areas such as offensive ball handling.

The role is to develop offensive managers when overcoming obstacles, turning and other problems. Player control of the defensive side of the ball means multiple actions and is fully controllable. However, if there are not a large number of superstars and cheap Mut 21 coins within reach, there will not be many more games this year. This is the most interesting aspect of Madden’s announcement: Player ratings.

Christian McCaffrey (RB), Carolina Panthers

Aaron Donald of Los Angeles Rams DL

Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City Chiefs QB

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saint

Stephon Gilmore, New England Patriots, CB

There are so many fans from different teams that they can make a missing argument, and there is nothing shocking here.

NFL Network's Daniel Eremaria (Daniel Eremaria) suggested: "Star Charger" Darwin James (David Darwin James) scored 89 points, so he is such a fan base. James is only 24 years old and he only played 5 games last year. But as a rookie, he focused on the 82.3 Pro Football Focus results. He scored 11 goals and scored 3.5. The bag and only 73 ws were pulled on 73 doors, leaving 10 105.

Many other imitators can do the same. In the past three seasons, Pittsburgh Steel's TJ Watt has hit 34.5 sacks and only used 86 strokes after enduring 59 pressures last year. Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is one of the most dynamic passers. In today's game.

Rob Gronkowski, the strong team of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, worked in a different direction and met Tom Brady a year after leaving football. This is part of his profession. Joining a new team for the first time, and now his total score is 95. This is higher than the rankings of Lamar Jackson, Drew Brees, Davante Adams and Joey Bosa.

However, ratings are always important: the EA Sports team will update them weekly. Since the result of each update will change, the error will not last long. One of the new features this year is the addition of script acquisition and roster. Remember, the rankings of many star players reflect a shift in the philosophical design of the EA Sports program launched last year to focus more on reality. The result is a more realistic gameplay in which super actors feel like superstars, which may severely impact the game’s backup backup and the sales of Madden 21 coins.

Throughout the year, as the ranking changes, the situation of the latest version at the end of August will definitely improve. Combined with more intuitive play control on both sides of the ball, the best players must feel special.