Madden NFL 21 players will win PlayStation 5 and Xbox X games on December 4th

Dec-04-2020 categories: Madden 21

Madden NFL 21 players should have won the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series on December 4. Although it is indeed possible to fully play the game by updating the console, part of the adventure has arrived this week. Electronic Arts confirmed that the update has been released in advance, but said that some important parts of the game are currently not working properly, such as Mut 21 coins. But it should be resolved as much as possible. For users who have not yet received the update, they can now upgrade through a very simple process.

According to the electronics company, everything seems to be going well on the Xbox Series X and Series S platforms, but for the PlayStation 5 version, this is not the case. Since the game has not yet been linked to the console, this type of game can only be played offline at present, but the electronics company said it will upgrade it soon.

The electronics company said: "The PlayStation 5 version of this video game has not yet been connected to the console because we are in the final test of the problem proposed to solve the problem." "We will provide an update for its deployment when it launches tonight, but it can Time to play games offline."

For the actual process of finding updates, this is a simple process, as long as you upgrade from another generation to the next in the same format. If you have a matching disk version, please insert it into PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X or Series S to start using it. The PlayStation 5 version requires you to go to Game Center and select the upgrade option, but you need to know that you need to put the disc in it every time you play. For the Xbox disk version, when you insert the disk to upgrade matches, you will be prompted.

For the digital version, it serves as the CD version, but there is no CD. The PlayStation 5 game center of Madden NFL 21 will be the updated place, just like our website only sells cheap Madden 21 coins. And since the new Xbox version of Xbox is bundled, it will prompt players to upgrade as usual.

If you have a CD-ROM variant on any platform and want to convert to an electronic version, you need to perform more steps. You must first go to EA's help site and fill in some information, including proof of purchase.