Madden NFL 21 update provides more of our story

Oct-15-2020 categories: Madden 21

The new Madden NFL 21 update can be streamed live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, along with official patch notes that reveal everything that the update can do or not. In terms of updates, this is the smaller side, but it does provide multiple games and Madden 21 coins updates, changes and fixes. At the same time, there are also patch notes related to Ultimate Team, Franchise, The Yard and the general introduction of the game.

At the time of publication, it is not clear whether the update needs to be downloaded on the console. If possible, the content of this download is currently unclear. In other words, if EA provides instructions on this aspect of the update, we will make sure to update our story with the provided content.

Solved the problem of the player indicator flashing in the pass function; when activated, Set Feet Lead and Pass Lead Elite did not provide consistent feedback. Now, when using these functions, the star or X below the player will light up appropriately.

Solved the problem of the catcher losing the ball due to a late collision of the defender. DEV Note: In this case, the catcher seems to have brought the ball in and secured the ball, but a late collision from the defender will make the ball awkwardly removed from the catcher's hand. Now, we have reduced the window for hitting the ball in a normal collision, so the defender will no longer be able to hit the ball.

Fixed an issue where defenders on the bubble route reacted improperly to defenders in RPO matches.

Make adjustments to increase the AI delivery peak on All-Pro and All-Madden skill levels. When AI Passes are sought after to win the game, they will defeat their opponents faster.

Solved the problem that the left-handed QB always runs to the left regardless of the preferred design direction. DEV Note: We know that the left-handed QB is not in the right direction in the QB Power game, and this fix will be used in future title updates because we cannot squeeze it into this version.

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the ball to be incorrectly found on the 35-yard line when the returner correctly blocked the ball on the line behind the tail zone. Added logic to the user-controlled ball carrier, enabling it to use the basic ball carrier skill actions on Arcade to trigger fakes, not just combo moves.

Madden NFL 21 can be purchased through PS4, Xbox One and PC, and will soon be available for play on PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. It's as simple as buy Madden nfl 21 coins.