Madden NFL 22 is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Feb-19-2022 categories: Madden 22 Tag: buy Madden 22 Coins, Madden NFL 22 Coins

Just days after the 2021 NFL season ends, Madden NFL 22 is now on Xbox Game Pass. The latest installment of the long-running football series may be one of the biggest additions Xbox Game Pass has received over the Mut 22 coins past month, though it's expected to be on the service for a while. Notably, this is because most EA games end up on Xbox Game Pass, thanks to its cross-promotion with EA Play.

As of now, those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC can download and play Madden NFL 22 on their own. The game has been released on Game Pass for console and PC, which is great to see since not every title on the platform will end up landing on every vertical.

Sadly, this version does come with the aforementioned caveat, you must subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass for PC to play Madden NFL 22. That's because Madden NFL 22 is technically coming to Game Pass via EA Play today rather than natively. EA Play, in turn, is only available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers who subscribe to the PC or Ultimate edition of the service. This means that those who only subscribe to Xbox Game Pass on the console tier will not be able to access Madden 22 unless they upgrade their subscription.

While this warning is a bit disappointing, the good news is that Madden NFL 22 is available natively on all Xbox platforms. This includes Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. So whether you've already bought Microsoft's next-gen console, or you're sticking with cheap mut coins madden 22 an Xbox One for now, you're not left out in that case.