Madden's trash-talking brothers

In his videos, he challenges "trash talkers" who make him insult Instagram DMs, arguing in colorful language that they can kick his ass in the game. So Belton spends his time beating up randos, and the occasional professional athlete, while making fun of and taunting them for his YouTube viewers. That's the part he loves: winning, especially when facing someone so disrespectful. He encourages them to take risky passes and Madden nfl 22 coins on the fourth drop, and the smart decision will be a punt.

Watch Belton's channel ABGoGame, the only thing he bakes more than his opponent? Madden itself. Common adverbs: "This game sucks" or "This game sucks". In any video, Belton curses game developer EA Sports like it's some kind of malevolent god. Miscast? "Hmm!" Take a sack? "Hmm!!" Missed a simple interception? "Ah!!!!!!!!! This game is rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!"

""This game is rubbish"

In January 2022, he posted a video titled "I've never seen it win EA...I'll never play Madden again..." But a week later, Belton posted another Madden video . If you follow his channel for a while like I do, you know he never quits.

Madden - the NFL's only licensed video game franchise, 34 years on - it's funny that despite its popularity, all you hear is people complaining about it.

The main criticism, which is often repeated, is that each year's new version is only a slight upgrade to the previous one. Because EA Sports has an exclusive license, it's the only company that can make "simulation-style" NFL games. Hence the argument that there is no pressure on developers to meaningfully improve the game every year. In 2020, a viral Twitter campaign urged the league to release EA as its partner - #NFLDropEA. But even with cheap mut coins madden 22 the outrage on social media, including the bombardment of coordinated comments on the game's Metacritic page, Madden 21's sales have soared. This year's Madden 22 also did well, and the series remains the best-selling sports franchise of all time.