Madden Simulation: The Chiefs finished the year in Denver

Jan-08-2022 categories: Madden 22 Tag: buy Mut 22 Coins, Madden NFL 22 Coins

With the Kansas City Chiefs heading to Denver on Saturday afternoon to Madden nfl 22 coins face the Broncos, the final week of the regular season is approaching. As we do every week, we simulated the Chiefs matchup in the EA Universe.

The Chiefs’ offense went all out at the beginning of the game, especially in the first quarter, when Tyreke Hill had two touchdowns and a distance of more than 100 yards. This is another game where Patrick Mahomes has launched an offense across the court. All the technical position players of the Chiefs were involved, but Hill and close end Travis Kells dominated the touch.

The Broncos offense played well with quarterback Drew Lock. Teddy Bridgewater got a starter in the EA universe because of a concussion, and his starter didn't look good at all. Locke did show some promising signs of football late in the game, as he contacted Tim Patrick twice for touchdowns. Suddenly, Locke could wield momentum with the support of the Broncos because he issued a prayer and contacted Kendall Hinton to get a score that would only make the game a single player. Locke showed signs of hope, but even in "Madden", his substitute role seemed to be his best choice.

The Chiefs played well defensively, even after playing against the Bengals. They set the defensive tone in the first game-when Melvin Ingram put down a big bag of Locke. Tyrann Mathieu looked like he had a chip on his shoulder, hit the ball in the end zone and was intercepted. Chris Jones was able to get the dismissal required for the reward bonus.

The Chiefs showed a lack of offensive ability in the second consecutive game in the second half. The buy mut coins madden 22 Broncos scored 21 points in the fourth quarter alone, but this was not enough to complete their comeback against the Chiefs.