Madden will always be one of EAA

Jun-11-2020 categories: Madden 20

Raising the score in the NFL game, Madden will always be one of EAA's best stories. Madden NFL 20 was launched on May 28 and launched in August 2019. The number of unique participants increased by 30% year-on-year, while the average number of customers reached an unprecedented level every month.

In April, the number of "prosperous" actors almost doubled from the previous year, reflecting the huge burden of the epidemic family. On May 5, the European Community announced that the total profit of digital bookings for the current fiscal year (end of March) increased by 9%.

EA NFL has an interactive sequence. If it is not allowed to be created immediately, the sequence will develop on both sides, so it will no longer be hurt. In the next five years, crazy people will see huge growth,

To compare this process, in addition to being the NFL captain, he also fell ill and defeated them. Both contracts allow him to shoot a series of games, they have a fixed football, and allow him to continue to create realistic football games, modeled on football and strategy.

EA Games will create various types of "Game Modes" and "New Games", including new games that offer wireless phones. The new nature of the agreement also makes MADDEN Sports Electronics competitive and provides minimal TV content. After spending some time in this area, he will be able to inspire interest in eSports, such as the Ultimate Team digital card game, which generates about one-third of EA's annual revenue. And started the first "Madden NFL 2021" movie

This new partnership will be provided with the right people. Sony and Microsoft will release a new game console within a year, and EA Madden seems to have accepted the idea of adding new players to this issue. The announcement said: "The partnership will also focus on design, visualization and innovation to continue to deepen the Madden 20 coins NFL program. The game is also meaningful: communicate with NFL players.

NFLF Vice President Rachel Hagland established a new partnership to explain why the alliance really made the decision and whether EA needs to introduce us to the madness of the product line. History is a new toy for game boards. This gave him the best opportunity.

NFL uses digital faces (if lower). Partners called it "the largest and most comprehensive contract in the NFL game." Revenue will not be a single game, but the agreement to increase franchise rights will allow Madden NFL to keep up with the latest developments and significantly increase its player base.