​My roster about Lost Ark

I am really enjoying the game to this point. As you can tell, I have six characters, which is 1370+, and the daily dreads get a lot more. My most favorite character is my primary character, my shadowhunter (obv) however I really enjoy having many characters. Knowing how each character performs makes the game like a real-time experience for me. There is a love/hate relation with certain players, but not all.

I have a specific method of doing every day activities. I begin by doing my primary since I focus the most work for her. I begin by doing my una's work because reputation does not have a rested bonus. I then proceed towards my two chaos dungeons, and after that, I do my guardians.

My alts are them in reverse order. I always begin with the guardians before working through daily dailies. The reason I do this is that I got familiar with the need to wait for these things in major cities and I'd often end in a random place after finishing my Una daily papers.

If you are interested, I earn a fair amount of gold per day. I'm averaging 6-8 GHLS on each of my characters (more than my main character due to the guardian who is new) and I'm on average 45 daily. I was earning around 7000g per day prior to the patch, but currently I'm earning around 5400.

When I have my scrapper up to 1370, I'll begin increasing my main to 1445. The lost ark gold I earn from selling the GHLS will help me push even more alts that then bring in more income on a daily basis. This strategy is self-sustaining over the long term.