New World Guide: Navigating Common Mistakes, Leveling Strategies, and In-Game Decisions

Jan-28-2024 categories: New World Tag: New World Coins, buy New World Gold, MMOexp

Hello everyone. If you're new around here, thank you for joining. Today's guide is inspired by a great question from a player, who recently started playing New World and is facing a common dilemma regarding weapon choices and leveling strategies. He is currently at level 23, experimenting with the hatchet and bow, but he's unsure if he should restart and focus on just two weapons for maximum efficiency at later levels. Let's explore the answers to Bill's question in-game.

First and foremost, it's crucial to understand that any perceived mistake in weapon choices can be rectified in New World. This video will address common mistakes that new players make, starting with the issue of changing weapons during the leveling process. The advice is clear: don't worry too much about weapon choices while leveling. It's essential to have fun, experiment, and find a playstyle that suits you.

For leveling, the recommendation is to focus on survivability. Using the hatchet and bow is a solid choice, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the game rather than obsessing over min-maxing during the leveling process. Sword and shield or a combination of bow and musket are also suggested, offering a balanced approach to combat.

The guide emphasizes that respeccing is always an option, and players can reallocate their skills and build for free up to a point. So, there's no need to stress over early-game decisions. The key is to focus on skills first before worrying about specific perks. Because you can use New World Gold to buy them.

Moving on to the concept of the end game, the video highlights that it begins at level one. Everything a player does, from crafting to gathering, contributes to their overall progress. Crafting, gathering, and refining are crucial components of the end game, and players should be mindful of these activities from the start.

Unlocking fast travel shrines and teleports is another important aspect often overlooked by new players. The video encourages players to unlock these points whenever possible, as they greatly enhance mobility around the game world.

The discussion then shifts to housing, addressing the question of when to buy a house. The advice is to consider buying a cheaper house initially for the benefits it provides, such as storage and free teleports. Players should avoid burnout and not sacrifice their enjoyment of the game by grinding excessively for a larger house.

The importance of vendoring and understanding the player-driven economy is discussed. The guide suggests looking for buy orders to make quick money but warns of potential pitfalls, such as people selling items cheaply for profit. Managing inventory and breaking down items for repair parts is also covered, offering insights into crafting and leveling up engineering skills.

In summary, the guide encourages players to have fun, experiment with different weapons, and not worry excessively about min-maxing during the leveling process. It emphasizes the importance of enjoying the game and offers practical tips on fast travel, housing, and managing inventory in New World.

If you have additional questions or need further guidance, feel free to ask or join the MMOexp community, and you can also get cheap New World coins here The guide concludes with a reminder to be social, make friends, and enjoy the New World experience.