Old School RuneScape fixes Nex Loot in preparation for next week

Feb-26-2022 categories: runescape Tag: runescape gold, rs gold

When Nex was released, some fixes were implemented shortly after in the name of balance, and a bug was fixed where she couldn't be killed (oops). In the weeks since, many have OSRS gold taken on new challenges and battled her, but now the team hopes to sweeten things up with a new set of achievements for Nex. You may get an elite level achievement for killing a Nex once, or if you don't have anyone killed, take any damage from some attacks, or only have two or three players, or if one player coughs Completed things like killing her. There's even one that can kill her 100 times.

Nex also has some hotfixes, mostly about loot. Fixed issues including crashes caused by the item drop system using too many codes, 100,000 GP cost not transferring to loot keys as expected, and inadvertent loot keys if a player with a full inventory tries to pick them up in PvP Removed loot key world.

Old School RuneScape is also making progress in expanding its reach on mobile devices with the Android client public beta. This beta will begin on February 28, and the team needs testers to help determine where to go next. Some features in the Android client will be available on mobile devices for the first time. These include fishing spot indicators, buff bars, chat improvements, and physical highlights for NPCs. These and more features will be available, along with some changes released this week.

When the open beta begins, the team plans to publish a post with a how-to and a list of known issues. As for the test client, the Known Issues post will also include space for feedback.

For more information on this week's update, including Nex achievements, PvP changes, and cheap RS gold more on the Android Open Beta, see the announcement from Old School RuneScape.