Path of Exile Beginner's Guide: Trading, Build Fixes, and Item Insights

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The guides are tailored for players who are new to Path of Exile or who, for various reasons, haven't progressed much in the game. In this guide, We'll cover various topics to help you overcome obstacles in finishing the campaign or starting off well in the end game. We'll discuss trading POE orbs with other players, addressing issues with your character build, and delve into a more detailed explanation of how items work in the game.

Starting with trading, it's a great idea to learn how to complete the campaign on your own before delving into trading, even if you're not playing in Solo Self-Found. However, as you progress into the game, especially in the end game, making strategic purchases can significantly benefit your character. Whether it's a higher DPS weapon, addressing resistances, or acquiring a specific item with the right sockets, trading becomes a valuable tool.

Path of Exile's trading system is unique; there's no in-game auction house. Players have to interact directly for each trade. To find items to buy, you'll visit the official website and navigate to the trade section. After selecting your platform and league, you can apply filters to refine your search, making it easier to find the items you need.

The video walks through a hypothetical example of searching for a six-link body armor upgrade for a level 73 trickster. The trade website allows you to set criteria based on item type, socket colors, and requirements. It's important to note that league choice can impact item prices. Challenge Leagues usually have lower prices compared to Standard League, where players accumulate significant wealth over time.

The guide demonstrates the process of initiating a trade, from sending a whisper to the seller, joining their party, to the actual trade in their hideout. Proper trading etiquette is highlighted, emphasizing communication and patience.

Moving on to common problems in the game, the video addresses issues that may cause players to get stuck during the campaign or struggle in the end game. These problems often stem from gameplay mistakes, bad gear choices, incorrect gem setups, and poor passive skill selections.

Three general gameplay tips are provided:

Stay mobile: Movement is crucial to avoid enemy attacks.

Don't stand in harmful effects: Avoid damaging ground effects and monster attacks.

Use your flasks: Regularly use life and utility flasks to enhance survivability.

Assessing gear is essential for character progression. The video emphasizes the importance of upgrading to higher-tier items as you progress through the campaign. Higher-tier items offer better defensive and offensive stats. Key points include:

Aim for 3-400 combined life and energy shield per act.

Keep resistances capped at 75% for fire, cold, and lightning.

As you advance, additional layers of defense become necessary, integrating gear, skill gems, and passive skills.

The guide explains the intricacies of items in Path of Exile, covering base items, rarities, implicit and explicit modifiers, and crafting options. It touches on the use of Essences for crafting and warns against using valuable POE orbs like Exalted and Divine during the campaign. The importance of upgrading gear and using crafting wisely is emphasized.

Gem and passive skill layouts are crucial for character effectiveness. We advises adjusting the settings to filter for characters in the current league and ascending class.

We concludes with the importance of learning from experienced players to improve gem and passive skill setups. It encourages players to experiment but emphasizes the value of leveraging the knowledge available in the community.

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