Path of Exile White Sockets Guide

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Welcome to our Path of Exile guide on acquiring white sockets, a valuable asset in customizing your gear. In Path of Exile, skill gems are usually restricted to specific colored sockets, but white sockets break this rule, allowing any gem to be socketed regardless of color.

Understanding Sockets in POE

In Path of Exile's Lake of Kalandra league, obtaining top-tier gear is crucial for success in new areas. While white sockets aren't a concern at the game's start, they become valuable later on.

After completing the 10-act story, players delve into maps from the Atlas of Worlds for randomized challenges. Equipping gear with appropriate skill gems enhances character stats and capabilities.

Colors of Sockets

Sockets come in four colors: red (strength), green (dexterity), blue (intelligence), and white. White sockets are versatile, accommodating any gem color. They can be obtained through various methods, making them highly sought after.

Crafting Basics for Socket Colors

    Chromatic Orbs: These orbs randomly change socket colors. For specific colors, use Crafting Bench recipes in your hideout or Wild Thornwolf Seeds for targeted effects.

    Socket Color Bias: Higher attribute requirements favor specific socket colors. Chromatic Orbs adjust socket colors accordingly.

Obtaining White Sockets

    Vaal Orbs: These orbs have a 25% chance to add white sockets via corruption. Use them cautiously as they can also modify other item properties.

    Crafting Bench Recipes: Delve into the mine to access Crafting Bench recipes for precise socket colors, avoiding randomness.

    Immortal Syndicate Research: Assign Vorici to the research safehouse for chances to find white socketed items during safehouse raids.

    Altar of Corruption: In time-traveling modes, sacrifice an item on the Altar of Corruption for random socket changes, including white sockets.

While Vaal Orbs and the Altar of Corruption offer chances for white sockets, they involve risks and resource costs. Utilize them strategically based on your needs.


White sockets in Path of Exile add a layer of customization and flexibility to your gear. By understanding socket mechanics and utilizing crafting methods wisely, you can enhance your gameplay experience significantly.

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