Player Rating Update: Week 7

Oct-18-2019 categories: Madden 20

The Rams, the Emirates and the Cowboys suffered a six-week defeat, and Stefon Diggs made up for the lost time, and the New England Patriots' defense dominated expectations.

Before the 7th week, some of the ratings increasers and losers of the Madden NFL 20 were highlighted.

Rising in the seventh week

Carson Wentz | QB | Philadelphia Eagles

Despite losing to the Vikings in the sixth week, Carson Wentz has the best game in weeks. Since the first week, he has thrown more than 300 yards for the first time and threw two TD passes and one interceptor. Wentz also set the highest completion rate (65%) since the first week. All of this is one of the best pass defenses in the NFL.

Nick Posada | RE | San Francisco 49ers

After winning the NFC Defensive Player of the Year title in Week 5, Nick Bosa continued to perform strongly in the sixth week when he severely damaged the Rams offensive line. Los Angeles has no lead in the rest of Bosa and the 49ers. The rookie is healthy now after several red flags at the beginning of the season, but he still has a lot of room to rise. Use your Madden NFL 20 coins soon.

Stephen Gilmore | CB | New England Patriots

In the sixth week, Stephon Gilmore participated in the game against the Giants last Thursday night. Gilmore snatched one of the three-point picks from rookie QB Daniel Jones and scored five passes and three tackles that night. Gilmore is one of the most dominant CBs in the National Football League (NFL), second in Madden 20, and this season will be his first score due to his consistent top performance. rise.

Fall in the seventh week

Jared Goff | QB | Los Angeles Rams

The Rams' loss of the slide continued in the sixth week, losing to 49 people, Jared Goff set the worst career passcode 78. He didn't leave the TD pass for the first time this season. He only completed 13 of 24 pass attempts and failed twice. Due to poor performance, Goff plans to rank third in the season before the Rams fight against the Falcons in the seventh week.

Daniel Jones | QB | New York Giants

Giants rookie QB Daniel Jones made the NFL debut in the third week against the pirates. But since that game, he has become quite calm in dealing with the troubles of rookie growth. Jones is about to enter the sixth week of the game, although he has thrown three interceptions in the best defensive situation in the New England league, Jones has a TD: INT ratio of 3:6 in the last three games. He has not completed half of the passing attempts last week, and the lowest completion rate for the season is 48.4%. Yes, this is enough to make the Madden score down before the 7th week.

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