​Please keep Burning Crusade Classic forever

Jun-16-2022 categories: WOW TBC Classic Tag: WOW TBC Classic Gold, WOW TBC Gold

I'm appealing to the powerhouses who are in the charge. Keep the Burning Crusade Classic server forever.

The R&D for these servers is already being carried out through the privately-owned server communities.

The main reason to begin fresh is made evident. It's true that you don't have many players who want to be constantly fresh however keeping only one server running at the stage will allow players to remain and play the game they love(d) most.

It's great to every year offer brand new players who had never played World of Warcraft, the possibility to get started on the expansion they want to play on. Play through the stages with your friends. Finally, you will be on the last phased forever server or move on into the new expansion. This allows players not to feel pressured. For those who work and are unable to be on the internet all day and have the time to play and appreciate the game and the gear they make.

As an online platform to sell games why would you want to hurry the game up, making it less profitable for the money you earn through subscriptions? I am not able to represent all of you however, I would be willing to spend money to play BCC in the next 2-5 years without difficulty.

Then I'd pay to play Wrath for 5-10 years. I am not a fan of the latest game. I lost interest in general from the sheer size and the speed with which the game was played. I didn't have time to enjoy the equipment I put so much effort into.

When I first got started, the gear was gone as a new upgrade with a brand new gear already available.

All I'm asking is that you slow the speed down PLS! Let us have several months to get used to the game and equipment. Let us then decide to get on with the latest gear when we're prepared.

Time is the thing we pay for. We need your help to give us this amount of time and the money we pay for it.

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