​PokeMMO Farming Guide: Covet Farming for Item Acquisition

PokeMMO offers various ways to farm for valuable items, and in this guide, we will explore a different farming method using Covet. Covet is a move that allows PokeMMO to steal items from opponents, making it a useful technique for obtaining valuable items. We will focus on farming items from Love Discs, which can be sold in the GTL (Global Trade Link) for a decent profit. So, let's dive into the Covet farming method for item acquisition.

Preparation and Location

To begin this farming method, you'll need a PokeMMO that knows Covet. Meowth is a great choice as it can learn Covet and has the ability to pick up items. Fly to the right side of the map and head to a fishing spot. This location provides a unique and energetic soundtrack to enhance your farming experience.

Farming Process

1. Fishing for Love Discs: Start by fishing at the designated spot using your fishing rod. The goal is to encounter Love Discs, which have a chance of holding valuable items. Once you encounter a Love Disc, proceed to the next step.

2. Using Covet: With Meowth as your active PokeMMO, use Covet on the Love Disc. If successful, Meowth will steal the held item, granting you the opportunity to obtain valuable items.

3. Removing Meowth's Items: It is crucial to keep Meowth without any held items. If Meowth has an item and you use Covet, you won't be able to steal the Love Disc's item. So, always ensure Meowth is itemless before attempting Covet.

4. Payday for Additional Income: When encountering PokeMMO other than Love Discs, you can utilize Meowth's Payday move to defeat them. This allows you to earn additional income while farming for items.

Profit and Tips

• Selling Items: The items you obtain from Love Discs, such as Heart Scales, can be sold in the GTL for around 5,000 Pokedollars each. This provides a consistent source of income while farming.

• Interaction with Shellder: Some players suggest using Covet on Shellder, as there is a chance it may use Payday, resulting in higher income. However, the chances of obtaining valuable items like Pearls from Shellder are relatively low, so the overall benefit may not be significant.

Efficiency and Multitasking

The Covet farming method allows for multitasking. While farming for items, you can engage in other activities or watch videos, as the process requires minimal attention. Just remember to remove any items from Meowth and periodically sell the acquired items in the GTL to maximize your profits.

Final Thoughts

Covet farming is an effective method in PokeMMO for acquiring valuable items. By using Meowth's Covet move, players can steal items from Love Discs and sell them in the GTL for a decent profit. Remember to keep Meowth without any held items to ensure successful item theft. Additionally, utilizing Payday when encountering other PokeMMO can further increase your income. This farming method offers a consistent way to earn PokeMMO Money and acquire valuable items, making it a worthwhile endeavor for PokeMMO trainers.

Happy farming, and may luck be on your side as you venture into the world of item acquisition in PokeMMO!