Radiation 76: Inside the dome – Happy Halloween!

Nov-08-2019 categories: Fallout 76

Happy Halloween, residents! Update 14 was released last week and it brings an explosive new "Prank Night" seasonal event, a sweet new "Nuclear Winter" reward for your quail egg bag, and a series of fear-filled improvements. For example, the legendary flame beast. In case you miss something, let me tell you the details you need to know.

Celebrate the night of mischief next week!

The latest seasonal event, "Mischief Night," kicked off earlier this week, and since then, "White Spring" has been exploding with suspicious activity! Join the costumed Eyebot JES-2R and some troubled residents, dressed in costumed capers, smash the car, ignite the bonfire, fork the lawn and other activities to scatter the chaos in the resort.

There are a lot of XP and theme rewards to choose from, so be sure to take part in the "Prank Night" celebration before the end of the celebration at 12:00 pm for some tips and enjoyment. November 5th, US Eastern Time. Remember to wear your favorite outfit, you will get double honor and have a better chance to get sweet loot. Who do you like best in Fallout 76 Items.

Ask for a weird new nuclear winter reward In this Halloween season, keep ghosts and goblins in the bay, and you can ask for six different new rewards by completing some limited-time challenges in the nuclear winter. These challenges will begin on October 29 and will appear every day until November 3. Get enough Overseer XP from the "Nuclear Winter" game, you will unlock the scary skin, get weapons and armor, and even shine. - Dark outfit.

Please be sure to complete all six challenges as soon as possible, as they are only available until November 12.

Oh, don't forget to check out Vault51. ZAX took over the decoration work this year, and Vault is BOO! It's easier than before.

In case you missed it: Update 14 Highlights In addition to Fallout 1, Mischief Night and the new Nuclear Winter Rewards, Update 14 also brings a variety of game improvements, bug fixes and more to Fallout 76. If you missed something on the patch day, I collected some of the following highlights.

More frequent public events: The time between the start of a public event and the next one has been cut in half, which means you can participate in public events more often than before.

Legendary Flame Beast: Now, the Scorpion Beast has the opportunity to be created as a one, two, or even three-star legendary enemy, which will provide you with some legendary equipment the next time you search for these winged horrors.

Color-coded items in Nuclear Winter: Items in Nuclear Winter are now color-coded based on their rarity, so you can quickly determine their effectiveness when looking for equipment.

Weight reduction of popular display products: shaking heads, magazines, and teddy bears all reduce weight in Update 14, which means you can show more product lines without using too much C.A.M.P. budget.

Volume settings for menu music: Whether you want to turn down the game's main menu music or to maximize it, the new Menu Music slider in the Audio Settings menu will help you bring up the correct tone. It seems wonderful to listen to music while using the cool cheap Fallout 76 Weapons.

For more details on Update 14, you can click here to read the patch instructions on Fallout.com.