Regular Madden NFL 21 Championship Series provides opportunities for professional players

Feb-19-2021 categories: Madden 21

The Madden Championship series provides the best professional players on the planet an opportunity to compete for notoriety and cash prizes and Mut 21 coins. This happened in the past month. This is Madden 21's first college championship and the most recent Madden 21 Club championship. Now, MCS will turn its attention to the Madden NFL 21 Classic event. Registration is still available, but for any interested PS4 and Xbox One gamers only for a limited time.

"Madden NFL 21 Classic" is a game where PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players compete face-to-face. It joined this year's Madden NFL 21 challenge in a new online format, which has a MUT draft function. Madden NFL 21 Classic will use a one-on-one competition online. Players try to win the game in the ladder game, thus gaining a place in the single elimination round of the top 512 players.

The prize pool for this round of competition is $50,000, so players can make a lot of money using Madden's skills. On the other hand, this is the PS4 bonus of $50,000 and the Xbox bonus of $50,000. The winner of both parties will receive $15,000 and be eligible to participate in the upcoming Madden Championship Series.

The second candidate won $8,000, while the third candidate won $6,500. The fourth to sixteenth contestants can also get Madden 21 coins. As an additional reward, the first 2500 players participating in each tournament will receive an "exclusive clutch pack" as a reward for participating in the competition.

Regular Madden NFL 21 registration is still available through the Battlefly website. The registration is only open to competitors using Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One platforms. PS4 registration will be closed on February 20 (Saturday), and Xbox One registration will be closed on February 21 (Sunday). Only competitors from Canada, Germany, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States can participate in the competition.

Madden NFL 21 Classic Stage 1 will use the ladder-shaped bracket for the game. It was held on the 20th and 21st. The second stage will bring a single elimination match, which will be held on February 27 (Saturday). The classic quarter-finals are scheduled for February 28th. The classic final to determine the champion will be held on March 27, about a month later.