See the differences between different generations of consoles in Madden NFL 21

Dec-19-2020 categories: Madden 21

In the trailer with the executive producer of Madden NFL 21, Sean Glady assured me that I will see the differences between the generations of consoles in the first game. I doubt it. But he was right.

Oh, to be sure, the game looks clearer than ever, but this is not the gap Grady was referring to in the discussion. He was talking about gameplay, participant behavior and Madden 21 coins. Now, this information is provided by real data accumulated by Amazon Web Services over the past fifty years. In my first setback, I controlled the defensive guard (which is something I rarely do) and focused on the catcher's line. I don't really see their speed or leadership in the shield against San Francisco. Variety.

While I control the protection line, I will definitely see it. And, absolutely, personally, the type of game I prefer is a strong opinion.

In my "American Morning 21 Football", the line game is the first huge change for me. I believe that for those users who are better at football violent techniques than speed or tricks, this will bring the same Variety. In order to be able to find and reach the hole, even for larger or slower runners, it also reveals new technologies that EA Sports can use.

In previous Maddens games, especially when I ran for tackles, these holes closed so fast that when I couldn't escape them cleanly, it felt as if I had been attracted by the cartoon handle. With the enhancement of the game combined with Madden NFL 21, this not only means slowing down, but also discovering more deflection, sweeping and tripping, thus successfully gaining six or seven yards instead of being dragged by three yards.

As the new movement progresses, turns and cuts become thinner and slower. First, special actions must be taken to make the guardian miss the game in public. That being said, scripts that are slow to develop have been greatly reduced in efficiency. Screen transfer is a vivid example, it may be too large in the previous generation of products. But it was logical, because my lineman moved directly and was obviously paying the receiver, so the line of defense went more straight to my quarterback. I think three-quarters of my passes ended from the quarterback, rather than being fired or deflected at the last minute.

However, I can say that a lot of automatic feelings have been lost in the past. I can even throw the ball to someone prematurely and end the game.

Again, who knows this might be the real reason, but for a single audience, it's refreshing to see ordinary passers like Ryan Fitzpatrick putting the ball outside the player's outstretched hand. Usually, Madden will accomplish the task in one of two ways, namely, overhead airdrop or shot blasting.

Defending is rarely a job I like (why do you think my franchise is a single occupation?), but the biggest difference I can find is the effectiveness of defending the whistleblower's actions in the hands of consumers. I think that in the practice of balancing the game, the developers provide users with borders with larger windows so that they can eliminate the cubes (especially if you follow the displayed prompts).

This seems like a strange compliment, but the incomplete performance of this AI quarterback is more frequent and more realistic, which makes the passing game less automated. Of course, the movement and behavior of this line are clearly in the hands of AI, so people from the Madden competition community may be frustrated to observe that users continue to make breakthroughs with their outstanding playing skills and be told that pass protection this year is better. Quite the contrary, because of the player's motivation, turns and accelerations become heavier and more realistic, so baseball skills exhaust many people. However, I really don't think that this kind of realistic participant data will produce more useful and realistic passing strategies, nor whether defenders and secondary players are more attentive.

I realize that this is a truly technical discussion of American football, not just buying Mut 21 coins, but this is what EA Sports claims to Madden NFL 21: the new technology has been integrated into the old game. The menu and window for playing the phone are different (useful), and there are a lot of gains in the demo, but these are actually not lingering problems.