Several issues are coming for the next stage of Madden 21.

Sep-30-2020 categories: Madden NFL

Are you worried about the second edition of Madden 21? If there is no time. You should probably consider all factors, Madden fans have had a difficult year. The franchise model has not yet been developed, until November was expanded and replaced, and these are just scratching the surface to repair the malfunction.

Since its release, the game has been vulnerable, and each patch seems to interfere with other functions of the game, such as buy mut coins madden 21. For brands, this is not the ideal situation to enter the next generation. As it is, when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are released or shortly after the release, the next phase of Madden 21 is coming. These are a few reasons you should at least be worried.

The new Nvidia RTX 3080 teardown reveals potential problems [update]. The NBA 2K21 YouTube simulation predicts the "Wild Celtics" vs. Microsoft's plan to use Bethesda on the Xbox Series X now looks clearer. If there is a problem that EA cannot provide the functional version of Madden 21 on the current system (although only some obvious changes have been made to the traditional structure), what are our expectations for the game on the new hardware?

During the pandemic, development was carried out in a new console. In order to make the understandable problems brought about by the development of a new console more complicated, there are also COVID-19 factors. This epidemic affects almost the entire planet, so game development is no exception. Not all changes in next-generation game development will not directly or indirectly affect developers who work from home.

As mentioned above, EA is still trying to resolve the bugs in the current version. At the same time, less than 60 days have passed since the next-generation game was released. 

It seems reasonable to assume that the resources used to extinguish the current fires may divert attention to eliminate potential early problems related to the next generation of Madden.

In the first year, game consoles can produce barebones release titles. Needless to say, all the above problems are not a problem, and although the game is unlikely, you are welcome to release it smoothly. From at least one critical point of view, we see in the game that the indentation function cannot withstand this reduction function. As long as the mode is working properly, the final team staff will be fine. As long as the whale pays billions of dollars to the micro-transaction system, EA will brag about financial success.

However, during the era of microtransactions, we know that there is a difference between financial success and critical success. If bad games create an environment that encourages gamers to buy Madden 21 coins to acquire digital assets, then it can be profitable. Now, I would not call Madden a bad game, but its financial success does not mean its overall quality.

Visual effects have always been the main selling point of new game consoles, and many of the values associated with this are related to the faces of players. Well, we haven't seen it yet. All we see is the back of Tom Brady and Davant Adams.