Shadowland Preview: Revendreth

Apr-23-2020 categories: WOW Classic

After the tears of Sylvanas Windrunner lifted the veil between life and death, the heroes of Azeroth entered the land of death in the shadow land. As they explore the four extraordinary areas-the fortress, Maldraxas, Ardenwild, and Revendreth, players will encounter a covenant that governs the realm of the afterlife in the shadow land. The final destination in the narrative arc is the dark realm of Revendreth.

Welcome to Revendreth

You will receive urgent information about Sire Denathrius, Master Revendreth and ruler of Venthyr. This field is in a rebellion caused by drought of animal swept by the shadowy land. The only thing that makes more sense than your survival is your judgment-you walk into a group of secret guards with as many ears and teeth. If you want to convey this message and save these lands, you must take the court and trust your instincts, because Venthyr does not always mean what they say, and your new friend will soon become a powerful enemy .

All souls sent to Revendreth will get a stone of sin. Any misconduct you committed in life will be recorded on the tombstone along with your real name. Keep its location secret and take measures to remove any harmful objects etched on it.

Proud place

Revendreth consists of seven different regions, each of which is hosted by a reaper. The reaper is the powerful Venthyr, who has been adhering to the way of this place since its creation to encourage the martyr to repent for the sins of the past. Those who have successfully reformed can choose: return to Oribos to continue living, or stay in Revendreth and become one of Venthyr. As for those who resist redemption? They were banished to flower gum.

Some of Venthyr's practices are questionable, but be warned: dissidents have disappeared in these dark lands.

Wild Castle is the hometown of the most venomous Venthyr loyal to Sire Denathrius, and it is dangerous for those who do not want to stand with their owners. The aristocracy living in the inner castle is the oldest Wensel, who has won his place in the shadow of the master and is kept in order by the Countess of the Desire Harvester.

When paying tribute to Master, please pay tribute to him in a respectful way: Sire Denathrius, Master Revendreth, King Ventyr, First Blood, Commander Stoneborn and Shadowlands Fang.

The forest ward is ruled by the horror and the horror. The forest hunting ground is composed of a hunting ground, in which the killer hunts down Venter (in animated form). Extraction is simple: give the victims a hope and freedom, and then hunt them down; severe lessons of humility.

The first step of Azeroth's champion in Revendreth is to guard in Darkhaven Village. This humble little village is dominated by jealous reapers, full of wishful dredgers and Wensel, who are eager to be welcomed by the nobles living in Ward Castle. Downhill from the Castle Nathria, its citizens watched with envy as they worked in the desolation of the soul and the exhaustion of reality, and the inanimate drought gradually made the place disappear.

Nasria Castle

The most important is the fortress of Sire Denatrius, Nasria Castle. This ancient stronghold is the residence of Master, his loyal supporter, and-if you listen to treason insurgents, these sinister things may collapse the society of the entire shadowy land. . .

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