Shattering Steel Deadeye Build Guide - Path of Exile 3.5

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Greetings, exiles! Welcome to this guide on shattering steel, tailored for Patch 3.5 Betrayal League. If you're tuning in post-patch, make sure to check the video description and pinned comments for updates on the build's viability and any changes to items, mechanics, or skill choices. Given the dynamic nature of patches, some aspects may have evolved since the creation of this video.

I stumbled upon the potential of shattering steel after hearing rumors about its lackluster performance as a league starter. Intrigued, I decided to delve into the skill, crafting a build around its unique mechanics. In this guide, I've chosen the Deadeye ascendancy for its prowess in projectile attack speed and accuracy scaling. Additionally, we're opting for a pure physical damage approach, eliminating the need for conversion methods and allowing us to allocate more passive points into defense.

Let's dive deeper into the mechanics of shattering steel. This attack projectile skill, introduced in Patch 3.5, operates similarly to spectral throw, generating projectiles using melee weapons. However, it does not benefit from melee scalars like the melee physical support gem. Instead, it's tagged with attack, projectile, and area scalars.

Shattering steel comprises two stages: the initial stage launches a fast-traveling steel spear, and upon reaching a certain distance or colliding with an enemy, it transitions to the second stage, shattering into a small area of effect. Notably, the area scalar only affects the secondary stage, making damage scaling more restrictive. The skill deals 49% of weapon-based damage at level 20, prompting us to seek ways to boost its damage output.

To maximize shattering steel's potential, stacking projectiles is key. With items like Bail Timber Blades, Dying Sun, and a helmet enchant, we can reach up to ten projectiles. The skill's unique interaction allows all projectiles from a single attack to hit the same target if positioned correctly, significantly increasing damage output.

A notable strategy involves using fork to enhance damage, surpassing the effectiveness of pierce or regular impact. This build has been tested with both fork and pierce, and while the damage results are nearly identical, the guide recommends piercing for its comfort and potential removal of the fork interaction.

Now, let's summarize the build. Shattering steel, our primary skill, becomes a formidable force when maximizing projectiles and engaging enemies up close. The guide acknowledges the skill's challenges as a league starter, emphasizing the importance of decent gearing for optimal performance. While not a budget build, it doesn't require exorbitant investments, with the potential to tackle all endgame content.

Offensively, the build leverages shattering steel's projectile mechanics, utilizing up to ten projectiles with various synergies. Defensive strategies involve acrobatics and phase acrobatics for dodge, along with stacking evasion from gear and flasks. The Deadeye ascendancy provides significant bonuses, including tailwind for increased action speed, making the build fast and responsive.

For gear, recommendations include elder chests with life and critical strike chance, Tim Fists gloves for utility, and the powerful Bail Timber Blades as the weapon of choice. The guide provides additional suggestions for rare items, emphasizing life, resistances, and damage modifiers.

Flask choices enhance the build's effectiveness, combining stibnite for evasion, dying sun for extra projectiles, diamond for critical strike chance, silver for speed, and a life flask for recovery. Jewels play a crucial role, with priorities outlined in the guide, and the video showcases examples within the build.

Closing thoughts on the Deadeye ascendancy's proficiency in attack speed, accuracy, and projectile specialization are provided. The guide emphasizes the flexibility to adapt the build to different ascendancies, such as champion or juggernaut.

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