Skull and Bones - How to Keep Your Ship Shipshape

Maintaining your vessel in Skull and Bones is crucial for surviving the perilous seas. With various threats lurking around every wave, ensuring your ship is in top condition can mean the difference between a triumphant voyage and a watery grave. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to repair your ship in Skull and Bones.

Repairing Your Ship: Methods and Tips

Dockside Repairs: The simplest and most accessible method is to repair your ship while docked. At ports like Sainte-Anne, your primary pirate haven, you can pay silver to fully restore your ship's hull hit points (HP). Keep an eye out for other outposts across the seas that offer similar services.

Repair Kits: Equip yourself with Repair Kits for on-the-go fixes during your naval adventures. There are different tiers available:

Repair Kit I: Heals for 6,000 HP. Blueprint purchasable from the Carpenter NPC in Sainte-Anne. Requires 1x Metal Salvage and 1x Scavenged Wood to craft.

Repair Kit II: Heals for 18,000 HP. Blueprint available from vendors like the NPC in Vorona Falls. Crafting demands 3x Scavenged Wood and 3x Rusty Nail.

Explore vendors for additional Repair Kit options to suit your needs.

Weaponry: Some ship weaponry can double as repair tools. Experiment with specific types to see their effectiveness in patching up your ship during combat situations.

Ship Furniture: Certain ship furnishings contribute to repair capabilities. Equip these strategically to enhance your ship's resilience in battles.

Culinary Boosts: While not direct repairs, consuming certain meals can increase repair efficiency and overall performance:

Godrogodro: +10% Repair Kit efficiency; boosts stamina regeneration and reduces stamina consumption during sail trimming.

Vary Be Menaka: +10% Repair Kit efficiency; enhances stamina regeneration and reduces consumption while bracing.

Trondro Gasy: +15% Repair Kit efficiency; improves stamina regeneration and reduces consumption during bracing maneuvers.

By utilizing these methods and optimizing your resources, you'll sail through Skull and Bones with a sturdy and well-maintained ship, ready to conquer the treacherous waters ahead.

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