Skull and Bones: Turning The Page Investigation Guide

"Skull and Bones" is filled with intricate investigations that provide rich lore and substantial rewards. One of the first and most challenging investigations you will encounter is "Turning the Page," discovered in Sainte-Anne. This guide will walk you through the steps to complete this investigation, ensuring you are well-prepared to face the high-level threats it entails.


Before diving into the "Turning the Page" investigation, it's crucial to prepare:

Raise Your Infamy: Increasing your infamy unlocks better ships, weapons, and upgrades, making it easier to handle high-level enemies.

Upgrade Your Ship: Ensure your ship is upgraded to handle level-10 enemies. Prioritize firepower and durability.

Call for Help: Use the Call for Help mechanic to team up with other players. Cooperation can significantly improve your chances of success.

Unlocking the Investigation

To begin "Turning the Page," follow these steps:

Bribe the Pirates: Near the dock and Scurlock's quarters in Sainte-Anne, locate and bribe two pirates marked by the purple rumor icon on your map. This action provides information that leads you to The Low Tidetavern in Sainte-Anne.

Collect the Clue: Inside the tavern, pick up the wanted-poster-style leaflet by the bar. This updates your Investigation journal with a picture of Jacques Sorrel, offering a hint for the next step.

Check Your Diary: Review the Turning the Page objective in your diary, which reveals that Jacques Sorrel is in Sainte-Amelie, off the coast of Ile Royale.

Sailing to Ile Royale and Plundering Sainte-Amelie

Sainte-Amelie is located southwest of Sainte-Anne, in the Ile Royale region. Here’s what you need to do:

Navigate to Sainte-Amelie: Sail to the small settlement on the southeast of Ile Royale.

Initiate the Plunder: Choose the Plunder option instead of Interact when approaching Sainte-Amelie.

Completing the Plunder

The plundering mission consists of several stages:

Destroy the Towers:

Left Tower: This tower is lightly defended. Use high-powered, fire-based weapons like Fire Bombard I to take it down quickly.

Right Tower: This tower is more challenging. Maintain a safe distance and use long-range attacks to avoid heavy damage.

Fight the Waves:

First Wave: After the towers are down, higher-level ships will arrive. Prioritize the small ramming ships first, as they can deal devastating damage. Then, focus on the larger ships.

Subsequent Waves: There are five waves in total. Use repair kits between waves to keep your ship in fighting condition. Stay alert and manage your resources wisely.

Finding La Plume Ship

After plundering Sainte-Amelie, follow these steps:

Sail to the Southwest Passage: Use the objective marker on your map to locate the Southwest Passage.

Locate La Plume: Use your spyglass to find the high-level ship called La Plume.

Engage La Plume: Destroying La Plume is challenging. Use your upgraded ship and teamwork (if you called for help) to take it down and obtain the final clue.

Returning to Sainte-Anne

With the final clue in hand, return to Sainte-Anne:

Fast Travel or Sail Back: Use the fast-travel mechanics to return to an outpost or sail back to Sainte-Anne.

Speak with Anja Rakotomang: Locate Anja Rakotomang at the Warehouse in Sainte-Anne to complete the investigation.


Completing "Turning the Page" unravels the mystery of 'Kit the Tiger' and rewards you with valuable loot and experience points. This investigation, while challenging, is a testament to the depth and richness of "Skull and Bones." With careful preparation and strategic execution, you can conquer the high seas and uncover the secrets hidden within the world of piracy.

For a visual walkthrough, refer to the companion video that complements this guide, showcasing step-by-step actions and strategies to successfully complete the "Turning the Page" investigation. Happy sailing, and may your infamy rise with each victory! Stay tuned to MMOexp for more Skull and Bones guides, as well as plenty of discounts on Skull and Bones Silver and Items.