Soul-Sucking Trickster: A Guide to Chaos Damage in PoE 3.9

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Have you been feeling soulless lately? Perhaps you've been yearning for the "big suck" to unleash the power you desire. If so, you're in for a treat with this comprehensive guide on the Lowlife Soul-Sucking Trickster built-in Path of Exile. Chaos damage over time builds have consistently proven to be strong league starters, and this one is no exception. Starting as generic chaos damage over time Trickster, this build evolves into a formidable force, specializing in Soul Rend with a supporting Bane.

The flexibility of this build allows you to choose from various chaos damage over time skills, making it an excellent starter build that requires minimal investment. As you accumulate POE currency, the build can be transformed into a Lowlife variant for even more damage. While there are many guides on similar builds, this guide aims to provide a unique perspective on the chaos damage over time style, allowing for customization based on your preferences.

The initial Life and Mind Over Matter version of the build is budget-friendly and straightforward. The transition to the Lowlife version is also relatively affordable, making it accessible for players at various budget levels. The guide covers both paths, providing the necessary information for players to start with the cheaper version before transitioning to the endgame Lowlife variant.

Soul Rend takes center stage as the main skill for clearing and single-target damage, supported by a dual-curse setup for added utility and damage against tougher foes. The guide suggests other chaos damage over time skills like Essence Drain, Contagion, and Blight for additional damage and utility against bosses. The build incorporates defensive measures, boasting over 7,000 energy shields for a substantial effective life pool. Defensive mechanics include damage reduction from Weave the Arcane and Ghost Dance, as well as a Shield Charge with Fortify.

Flask management is crucial, providing avoidance and flat mitigation, with additional options for manual or Cast When Damage is Taken to Steel Skin for further mitigation. The guide emphasizes the importance of avoiding strong damage-over-time ailments like poison or ignite and suggests strategies for mitigation. The Pantheon choices include the Soul of Arakaali for damage over time reduction and improved recovery rates, and the Soul of Shakari for poison immunity.

The Trickster ascendancy is chosen for its flexibility, offering a balance of damage, defense, and utility. Wicked Ward becomes a pivotal node, allowing uninterrupted energy shield recharge for four seconds after taking damage. Patient Reaper significantly contributes to mapping sustain, providing percentage recovery on kill and increased recovery rate of energy shield upon killing an enemy with damage over time.

The guide includes the final passive tree for the Lowlife variant in Path of Building, along with alternative trees focusing on energy shield leech and a balanced approach to energy shield recovery. The passive tree prioritizes Wicked Ward to maximize energy shield recharge efficiency and includes Pain Attunement for a damage boost while on low life.

Gear choices play a crucial role in the build's success. Cherrubim's Maleficence is a required chest piece, reflecting chaos damage back to the energy shield. The guide suggests crafting a rare helmet with energy shield modifiers and chaos resistance reduction for enemies. Other gear recommendations include rare gloves, boots, crystal belts, and amulets, with specific affix priorities. The presence of a Chayula amulet is recommended for stun immunity, chaos resistance, and a significant energy shield boost.

Flask choices vary but include Atziri's Promise, Quicksilver with Adrenaline, Silver Flask for mapping, Basalt Flask, and a Granite Flask for physical mitigation. Crafting suggestions for the wand and shield focus on maximizing spell damage, chaos damage, and damage over time modifiers.

The guide concludes with an overview of the build's performance, including completion of tier 16 maps, Elder Guardians, and the Awakener Guardians. The author attempted the Awakener encounter but faced challenges due to a lack of knowledge about the fight. The guide expresses optimism about further testing as the player progresses through the Atlas.

In summary, the Lowlife Soul-Sucking Trickster in Path of Exile offers versatile and powerful chaos damage over time build. Whether you start with the budget-friendly Life and Mind Over Matter version or aim for the endgame Lowlife variant, this guide provides comprehensive information to help you tailor the build to your preferences. 

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