Summer Escape - Battle and Killer

Aug-14-2019 categories: runescape

If you like pina Coladas... or caught in the rain...

Then bad luck! This summer's escape is not an island holiday - you will become a hacker and cut your way to the 99s, with some bonuses on the way.

Summer Escape: Battle and Killer

This week is all about fighting and killing. Smash some mice, the wizard has some dragons and a wide variety of beasts! From 00:00 on August 12 to 23:59 on August 18, you can enjoy the following rewards:

Increase the chance of rare drops and increased lucky items

All charm drops are more attractive than usual

Shattered Worldsgrants 100% extra broken animation

Ability to plunder once a day from Mazcab Raids

The rate of decline in the torn magic page from Solak has increased by 25%

All Slayer assignments are considered to be using Slayer VIP tickets

Slayer experience increased by 25% (including Reaper mission)

Choose the boss killer mission

Ushabti seizes the opportunity to increase by 10%

Cheap OSRS gold

When you travel from the dungeon to the dungeon, pay attention to those parasites. Once per hour, some lodestones receive balloons containing Silverhawk feathers, summer snacks, and more.

Don't forget that from 12:00 on Friday to 11:59 on Monday, the following promotions will also take effect:

Provide a free clue every day

Double skill equipment

Double Menaphos representative

Double tale

Double killer

Semi-boss instance cost

The opportunity to be a mysterious box when skill/killing

RuneScape gold

If this is not your business, you will find a variety of gains on the player's farm:

10% increase in the chance of breeding animals

The chance of shining animals increases by 5%

Feeding increases happiness and health by 10%

Harvesting the double production of animals

10% more beans sold

10% increase the drop rate of animals in combat

Honeycombs use 50% more on animals

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