• ​NBA 2k23 Survey

    Oct-04-2022 PST / NBA 2K23

    It's so natural to make a yearly games title look like a similar game as last year yet with refreshed groups. NBA 2K23 notwithstanding, is far beyond that. Bragging a wide assortment modes, a mind boggling consistent with life show, and a large number of settings to take spe ...
  • ​NBA 2K23 Reveals GOAT Boat, New Neighborhood

    Sep-04-2022 PST / NBA 2K23

    NBA 2K23 is headed toward ocean with the GOAT Boat on momentum age consoles. The Neighborhood has turned into a staple for a ton of players throughout the long term. 2K23 is putting it all out there this time. With the Legend Edition and Eras being such a center this year, t ...