The new feature of New Horizons winter upgrade is the Christmas event of the game

Dec-11-2020 categories: Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: A few weeks ago, the winter update of "New Horizons" made significant progress, and now the companion NookLink app of the game has also upgraded its own. Nintendo provides a convenient new catalog function for mobile providers, making it easier for you to monitor all items acquired in Switch life Sim and Animal Crossing Bells.

In the newly added catalog function, players can quickly find furniture, clothing and Animal Crossing Items purchased in "New Vision". The catalog reveals information about the item, including what color/design changes the participant got, the cost of purchasing the item from Nook's Crany and whether it can be customized. There is also a breakdown showing the 20 most recently purchased products in the sport.

NookLink is part of the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. In addition to allowing Harmony Games to conduct voice conversations, the program also provides game-specific services for two other first-party games. Two players of Splatoon can use SplatNet 2 features to track their data, view map rotation and order merchandise in the game, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Smash World service allows players to view and discuss screenshots and movies.

The new feature of New Horizons winter upgrade is the game's Christmas event "Toy Day" (to be held on December 24). Prior to this, all Nook's Cranny had sold holiday toys in the seasonal corner of this store. In the past month, two new limited-time seasonal products have been ordered in the Nook shopping catalog: Aurora walls and Midwinter sweaters.

Nintendo has not elaborated on the content of the patch, but there are photos of Pave posted in the announcement, and Pave is responsible for coordinating a series of festivals. At the 35th anniversary celebration of the Super Mario Series in March 2021, a series of Super Mario furniture will participate in the competition.