The next-generation version of Madden NFL 21 will be EA's first game for $70

Nov-19-2020 categories: Madden NFL

The next-generation "NXT LVL" version of Madden NFL 21 will be EA's first game priced at $70. With the recent release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, video game enthusiasts are waiting for a new generation of prices. The PS5 showcase in September confirmed that a selection of PS5 games will actually be sold for $70 instead of the $60 that has been the new video game industry standard for years.

This makes games like Madden NFL 21 cross-generational champions. Many games provide free upgrades for players who invest in Mut 21 coins before buying a console. Online space exploration simulator No Man's Sky is like this. Once all gamers can now use the new technology of PS5, they will get a huge visual upgrade for free. Other games provide less. For example, Black Ops Cold War is charging players for next-generation upgrades. And so is Control. Remedy Entertainment stated that unless the player purchases the "ultimate" version, it will not be able to provide upgrades, but unexpectedly extensive upgrades very effectively contradict this argument.

It seems that EA is trying to do both ways at the same time. GameSpot announced that when the next version of Madden NFL 21 is released, it will appear as a special "NXT LVL" version, priced at $70. However, if a player has already played a football game on their current-generation machine, they will still be entitled to upgrade to the next-generation console for free and bring all the benefits, including player movement facilitated by collecting real player data. 5 years. The NXT LVL version is specifically aimed at players who have not invested in games for the current generation. NXT LVL also provided "high value" content for the ultimate team mode of the game, but did not provide details. Frankly speaking, it seems difficult to prove that someone spent $70 to purchase a new version, and they can easily buy the current version for $60 and get a free upgrade.

First of all, "Madden NFL 21" is not EA's most popular sports game. Critics and fans criticized the new game, and they felt that the game did not have any substantial improvements. To make matters worse, its name is seriously flawed. The fans asked the NFL to completely abandon EA and assign IP to other developers. The next-generation version provides solid opportunities for EA, including the innovative and iterative features desperately needed in the original version of Madden NFL 21, but is it really worth $70?

For better or worse, the price increase of the next generation seems to be the trend of Madden 21 coins growth. Many companies have promised to do so, such as sports game maker Take-Two. No one wants to pay high prices for their video games, but unfortunately, games are getting harder and harder to develop in real life, not easy or cheap. This can be a problem when the company needs additional funds to ensure the reliable quality of the next generation. Only time will tell if this is actually EA's use of this extra $10 in Madden NFL 21.