The partnership once again retains the special and original football model game

May-29-2020 categories: Madden 20

Will definitely find a reliable partner. The NFL Electronic Arts and Crafts Association announced on Thursday a six-year renewal agreement, calling the partnership "the largest and most interactive game in NFL history." Agreement ".

The partnership once again retains the special and original football model game EA Sports Special Zone Madden NFL. In addition, it will create new games, expand esports programs, and provide new entertainment experiences for fans of other platforms. Published by partners.

Several months have passed since the NFL game. The partnership announced the establishment of a new partnership with Take-Two Interactive (2K) and plans to continue to establish a partnership with Epic Games (a leading manufacturer of Fortnite) in early 2020. With the support of some people, the model may be sustainable, but it was announced on Thursday that EA Madden will join a publishing house with NFL simulation experience.

"Given our history, knowledge, and level, for us, certain Madden products are deemed to be essential for future innovation and investment in gaming, and we hope that new gaming consoles and other gaming clouds and gaming devices will provide Opportunity Rachel Hagland, Vice President of NFL Game Esports and Cooperation, told NFfol: "So, we must continue to work with him to continue to develop the Madden series, which is our main product. "EA fans.

For many years, Madden has been a key part of the cooperation between EA NFL and NFLPA. By the end of 2020, a new game control platform will be provided for EA, NFL and NFLPA in six or seven years. The first-generation control platform is very important in terms of rotation, because the PlayStation 3 / XBOX 360 powertrain technology provides higher performance, combining better performance and even better features with the next-generation improved game model.

EA has invested a lot of energy and resources while developing the next-generation control platform, while maintaining the Madden title-it may be an organization that can change the rules of the game as a whole.

Hagland said: "This caught our attention. Therefore, please make sure you consider the game experience and games that require a fifth-generation control platform." "When we look at the game experience, whether it is Stadia or Microsoft's solution, cloud games are Unlike control platforms or mobile games. If we are talking about new games and new games, we will optimize the Madden platform, because as we learn more, players who start the game will get more interesting news. "

The show does not seem to focus on the latest episode, but for any member, it is also necessary to promote any show. Now, the reason is unclear: the game world is constantly changing, it is difficult to announce specific plans, and there is no time to find new partners.

An example of this rapid change: KO Superstar is one of Madden's most popular models. The three-level module attracts random players. Fans and cheers praised the fun of the NFL stars.

"When we pin our hopes on fans, we will gain great understanding and motivation when developing EA and NFL game experience design. Therefore, we have seen the best results. How are you?" Hogeland said. "Madden is 20 years old this year. We are training intermediate fans and we are listening to their voices. In three years, fashion has lost three years. This is a very decent thing and should end there."

Since NFL Street appeared in the second-generation consulate round, it has never been seen in Madden nfl 20 coins games. The previously announced partners may fill this year ’s gap because Madden ’s focus has shifted to the best simulation of the country ’s most popular sport.