The pet battle bonus event has started!

Aug-29-2019 categories: WoW

This week's event will allow your best combat pet team to take the exam. First, open your pet diary (collect shift + P) and click on the “Find Battle” button to compare with your opponent and their well-trained team of peers.

Look for the following for a whole week:

Zuldazar's Chronicler Shoopa or Boralus Chronicler Toopa pursues you - the best. Or, if you forget to pick it up there, you can launch it in the Adventure Journal.

Mission Requirements: Win 5 pet battles with other players, including 3 25-level pets.

Reward: Ultimate Combat Training Stone

Passive reward: all pet experience gain + 200%

Reading reward: cheap wow classic gold


The reward system includes a rotation schedule for different events, and the current schedule runs weekly from Tuesday. Each reward event provides a passive reward for particular game activity, and each event provides a task and provides a significant reward for completing the relevant goal. The calendar in the game can be used as a one-stop reference for event planning. The Adventure Guide also provides a direct link to event rewards so you can easily accept any related tasks. Let classic wow gold help you with the task.