​The recalibration arrangement in TD2 makes Account Administration a nightmare

May-06-2019 categories: The Division2

I assumption the appellation is rather accessible but I'm blessed to dive a bit added into things. Basically the account administration is one of the basic affidavit why I chock-full arena this bold for now. At best it's annoying and boring, at affliction it's collapsed out frustrating, and I just can't be agitated anymore to plan about this, allocation my boodle for 20 account chief which account from the backing needs to go in adjustment to accomplish amplitude for a new one, and so on - I'm abiding we've all been at that point.

The UI of the account hasn't afflicted much, so why is it so abundant worse than in the aboriginal game? Aboriginal of all the UI in The Division 1 & 2 isn't great. It's a user interface that is advised with a bright focus on animate controls, and as so often, PC players just aren't account the time or accomplishment to get a acceptable interface that you can cross with abrasion and keyboard (think Diablo 3 with all account & actualization slots arresting at once). However, it was tolerable in the first bold and we all fabricated our accord with it at some point.

Now about I've able a point, or I able that point 2 weeks ago to be frank, breadth I just can't be agitated anymore. Accepting to abundance all kinds of items just because of the talents and rolls on them is just a abhorrent architecture idea.

If I abundance a weapon or a area of accessory I wish to abundance it to potentially accouter it about down the line, or at atomic that was the cachet quo in the aboriginal game. Now your backing is abounding with acceptable items with the amiss rolls - aforementioned as in TD1 - and on top of that bad items with the appropriate rolls.

Not alone does our backing backfire because of this system, it aswell makes blockage your boodle afterwards a play affair so abundant added tedious. In TD1 I knew absolutely which weapons I wish to abundance and which ones I will ignore. It was a quick procedure of actualization accepting as clutter and affective 2-3 weapons to your stash. Now however, I charge to analysis EVERY SINGLE ITEM for potentially acceptable rolls or talents. That's horrible! Afterwards every affair I'm continuing there for 10-15 account to sort through my shit, move items from my backing to alter them with new items, and so on. It in fact dead my admiration to play the endure 3 times I logged in. Anniversary time I logged out afresh with a abounding inventory, as I just couldn't be bothered.

I wish to point out that I anticipate it's abundant how acknowledging Massive is on ambience up the PTS and bringing changes to the game. I anticipate the new recalibration arrangement is absolutely better. But in agreement of account administration it does nothing, and I absolutely accomplishment that you guys amend the accepted recalibration arrangement to accomplish our lifes a little easier.

My suggestion:

Let us reroll talents and percentages the aforementioned way as in TD1 (with baby changes). Already I've begin a cuff with 12% SMG Damage, 12% SMG Damage will be smth I can cycle on all approaching gloves. The arrangement could still crave a additional brace of gloves, maybe even gloves of a similar/higher Gearscore, but the talents and rolls on the 2nd brace of gloves would be irrelevant.

This will accomplish 3 things:

1) We will anon admission added chargeless backing amplitude afresh aback we don't charge to abundance anytime cycle and aptitude anymore. The items we accumulate will be the items we wish to use, and not the items that alone serve as recalibration fuel.

2) Allocation your boodle afterwards a play affair will be abundant quicker and painfree as we don't charge to analysis the rolls on every area of boodle anymore, let alone affective accepting aback and alternating amid our backing and the inventory.

3) We still charge to acquisition best in aperture rolls in adjustment to accomplish use of them. You can't just cycle every account to max stats like in TD1. The aberration now is we wouldn't charge to backing them for aeon anymore.