The second phase of the Madden franchise model will take place in mid-January

Jan-03-2021 categories: Madden 21

The second of the three planned phases to improve Madden's franchise model will take place in mid-January. Some people may think that EA shouldn't keep its current franchise model, but because it is related to the response to the #FixMaddenFranchise plan, the publisher kept its promise.

Let's take a look at the stored contents of the second update. When the details of the update were first introduced, I admitted that I was at a loss. So far, I still don’t understand what EA has done for Madden 21 in the franchise model, such as Mut 21 coins, but I do see that Madden 22 is the basis for the required features.

There are several things that undermine the experience of the franchise model, such as the habitual and excessive drafting decisions of the CPU control team. When you win the Super Bowl, it feels like cheating, because since Ezekiel Elliott's first Pro Bowl season, the Dallas Cowboys have selected 5 guards, yes, this Would be helpful.

The commissioner can revoke the FA signature directly through the transaction log during the offseason. Click the signature and restore it to return the player to the free agent pool. This is mainly a fix for unethical behavior in franchise models with more than one manually controlled team, or it can be used to eliminate some kind of malfunction, forcing you to release a player who was later signed by another team.

I have seen this happen before in the Madden franchise model. "Give the league commissioner the ability to turn on/off, or allow the user to retain the ability to search for the ball, the ball eagle, and switch assisted personal settings-this is one of our highest commissioner requirements, which creates a way to balance the competitive environment Accessibility."

I don't like over-customized game style in franchise mode. I think these things surprise people, but since many franchisees take it seriously, this should be a valuable addition. "Give the commissioner the ability to allocate autopilot during the draft, as well as the pause/resume function. This has been the highest requirement of the community for many years."

Either way, Madden's tedious drafting experience method is an important advantage. I hope to see larger, presentation-driven changes to the draft in the third and final update in this planning process. However, at this point, another practical and functional improvement is welcome.

"After these settings made their debut in MUT and Superstar KO last year, the House of Representatives rules have become one of the most needed features for franchisees. We are very happy to bring them to you. With control as the commissioner, decide that a game in the game can be How many times are called, and how long the player must wait before calling the same game again."

After the January update is released, please look forward to the details of these changes and the new Madden 21 coins.