The Witchcraft Mastery in Ravendawn Online Guide

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Ravendawn Online has captivated gamers with its immersive world, intricate classes, and strategic gameplay. Among the diverse classes available, the Witchcraft class stands out for its unique set of skills and versatile playstyle. In this guide, we'll delve deep into the Witchcraft build, exploring the intricacies of skills, combos, and strategies to help you navigate through the early levels up to level 20.

Unveiling the Witchcraft Build

Before we dive into the specifics of the Witchcraft build, it's essential to note that this guide focuses solely on the Witchcraft class. While the author briefly mentions other subclasses, the main focus is on showcasing the Witchcraft skills and strategies. The author requests viewers to ignore the subclasses' details, promising to cover them in future videos.

Surviving Solo Adventures

The author emphasizes the Witchcraft build's efficiency in solo play, asserting that, until level 20, they experienced no significant difficulty facing bosses alone. This claim is backed by the ability to defeat bosses and test gameplay scenarios, even when other players were actively engaging with them. The author assures viewers that this build allows for solo play without the need for high-level equipment or a team.

Skill Tree Overview

The Witchcraft class provides players with multiple avenues for specialization. The author showcases their skill tree, with a focus on the Damage Over Time (DoT) aspect. Notably, the author emphasizes the importance of the "Curse" skill, which applies a magical curse to the target, dealing damage every three seconds for 15 seconds. The Curse skill is crucial for setting up combos and strategically managing battles.

The Essential Skills

1. Arcane Pulse

The author begins their journey with the Arcane Pulse skill, citing its effectiveness in reducing the enemy's defense. This skill is particularly useful in the early levels, aiding in faster leveling by diminishing the defenses of weaker enemies. The author prioritizes Arcane Pulse to unlock the more potent Arcane Torrent quickly.

2. Arcane Torrent

Next in line is the Arcane Torrent, praised for its significant impact on weaker enemies in the early stages of the game. The author highlights the skill's ability to complement the Arcane Pulse, making the leveling process smoother and more efficient.

3. Curse

The Curse skill takes a prominent role in the Witchcraft build, providing a crucial DoT component. The author discusses the strategic use of Curse, emphasizing its importance in setting up combos with other skills. While acknowledging its potency, the author suggests an alternative skill, "Lit," for players who may not yet feel confident in their ability to handle the game's challenges.

4. Lit

Lit is presented as an alternative to Curse, providing players with a defensive option by dealing damage over time and simultaneously replenishing the player's life. The author advises players to consider Lit as their third skill if they feel less confident in their ability to navigate early-game challenges.

5. Eternal Worms

The Eternal Worms skill is introduced as a primary healing tool in the early stages of the game. With the ability to consume up to three DoT skills, Eternal Worms becomes a crucial survival tool, aiding players in recovering health during intense battles.

6. Shackles of Pain

Shackles of Pain is highlighted as a defensive skill, capable of redirecting 50% of the damage received back to the attacking enemy. This skill proves valuable when facing challenges that limit mobility or when immediate escape is not an option.

7. Death T

The Death T skill takes center stage as a powerful, high-damage ability. The author emphasizes its effectiveness in dealing massive damage, especially when combined with Curse and strategically used in combat. The skill consumes a Curse and deals a percentage of magical damage based on the author's equipment and level.

8. Cursed T

Cursed T is introduced as a skill that enhances all DoT abilities by increasing their damage output by 20%. This skill serves to amplify the overall effectiveness of the Witchcraft build, especially when focusing on Damage Over Time strategies.

9. Creeping Death T

Creeping Death T enhances DoT abilities even further by causing 15% more damage to targets with 50% life or less. This skill encourages a playstyle centered around gradually wearing down opponents and dealing a final blow when they are at a disadvantage.

10. Blood Mancer (Passive)

The Blood Mancer passive skill is presented as the final addition to the Witchcraft build, providing a healing mechanism by returning 10% of the damage dealt through DoT abilities as health. This passive skill enhances the Witchcraft class's sustainability, allowing players to recover health while continuously dealing damage.

Mastering the Witchcraft Combos

The author takes the guide to the next level by demonstrating practical combat scenarios and showcasing effective combos for solo play. The combination of Curse, Lit, Arcane Pulse, Eternal Worms, and Death T is emphasized as a powerful sequence to handle both single and multiple enemies. The author stresses the importance of maintaining mobility during battles, given the Witchcraft class's dynamic playstyle.

The guide provides insights into dealing with different enemy types, emphasizing the strategic use of Curse to spread damage among adjacent enemies. Additionally, the author offers tips on optimizing combat efficiency, such as waiting for cooldowns, managing life, and utilizing the healing capabilities of the Witchcraft build.

The Power of Accumulation

The author highlights the significance of accumulating stacks in skills like Arcane Pulse, explaining that each stack contributes to increasing damage output. Despite the seemingly modest impact of each stack, the author asserts their importance in the early stages of the game when players may lack advanced equipment and accessories.

A Glimpse into the Future

The guide concludes with a teaser for upcoming videos, promising a more in-depth exploration of status, equipment, and cards related to the Witchcraft class. The author expresses a commitment to addressing viewer queries and providing comprehensive content to support the growing Ravendawn Online community.


The Witchcraft build presented in this guide offers a comprehensive overview of skills, strategies, and practical combat scenarios. The author's hands-on approach and willingness to share experiences contribute to a valuable resource for both novice and experienced players. As Ravendawn Online continues to evolve, this guide serves as a foundation for understanding the Witchcraft class and encourages players to explore and master its intricacies.

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