They accomplish so abundant money affairs All Cheap NFL 18 Coins

Apr-13-2017 categories: news

Yesterday I was accomplishing a Team of the Year set. I was affairs the collectibles nessescary for the set. I clicked on one with a buy now of 5.2k. I noticed afterwards I bought one that I was down a actor coins. I was not abiding what happened and was frustrated.

Earlier today, I was watching a video from the Madden-sale user "NFL 18 Coins". In the video he was assuming an absurdity that occurred with addition user who encountered the aforementioned affair as I did. Is there annihilation that can be done to advice me?

I contacted EA and they said to leave my affair actuality and anyone will eventually get aback to me even admitting it apparently will not happen. I just wish my bill back.

hey say they deceit do annihilation for adventitious mistakes. I play accustomed and accept messed up and bought a agenda for added than it was worth. I accomplished I messed up so I chalked the bill off. In this case in a 1000% abiding I placed a bid and was afraid or something.

Especially if they accomplish so abundant money affairs All Cheap NFL 18 Coins. Where does all the money go if chump account deceit advice activity continued mut heads.