Top 3 Strongest Bossing Builds in Path of Exile

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Taking on end-game bosses in Path of Exile demands a build capable of delivering immense damage while withstanding relentless assaults. In our PoE 3.23 build guide for 2024, we present the top 3 boss killer builds tailored for Affliction.

1. Archer Skeleton Guardian

Class: Templar

Ascendancy: Guardian

Skill: Minion, Spell, Physical, Projectile

The Archer Skeleton Guardian emerges as the premier boss killer, leveraging the new transfigure gems to summon Archer Skeletons. Noteworthy for its balance, smoother clear speed, and heightened boss damage, this build requires minimal complexity in its assembly. With just one essential unique item—Lioneye’s Vision armor—readily accessible, players can benefit from three damage auras and a resilient minion absorbing 20% of incoming damage.


Reduced block chance

Lack of evasion or spell defenses

2. Venom Gyre Deadeye

Class: Ranger

Ascendancy: Deadeye

Skill: Attack, Ranged, Elemental

Mastering the shotgun effect, the Venom Gyre Deadeye excels as an adept boss killer among PoE 3.23 builds. This build capitalizes on Venom Gyre's unique mechanic, allowing projectiles to pierce enemies, accumulate, and unleash devastating volleys when combined with the Whirling Blades movement skill. Offering remarkable clear speed, formidable boss damage, and substantial effective HP, this build is both affordable and straightforward to assemble, devoid of any mandatory unique items.


Susceptibility to chaos damage

3. Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye

Class: Ranger

Ascendancy: Deadeye

Skill: Ranged, Attack, Cold, Projectile

Rounding out the trio of potent boss killers is the Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye, wielding the freezing prowess of Ice Shot to blanket enemies in frost and trigger explosive chain reactions. With a modest budget entry and the option for gradual upgrades, this build packs a punch with its Vaal shot skill, capable of decimating bosses in the blink of an eye while boasting impressive clear speed with minimal investment.


Limited durability

Gear Recommendations:

Archer Skeleton Guardian: Lioneye’s Vision armor.

Venom Gyre Deadeye: No mandatory unique item is required.

Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye (Budget Version): Yoke of Suffering amulet for enhanced elemental damage.

Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye (Complete Version): In addition to Yoke of Suffering, Lioneye’s Fall and Thread of Hope are unique jewels for substantial damage boosts.

These top 3 boss killer builds for Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction showcase formidable damage output, resilience, and efficiency, providing players with the tools needed to triumph over the game's most formidable adversaries.

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