v9.30 Content Update #3 Patch Notes

Jul-11-2019 categories: fortnite

Battle Royale

Air Strike

Throw this down to get help from above! Limited Time Modes

The amount of eliminations required for a Victory Royale in Team Rumble has been lowered to 100 from 150.Buy fortnite weapons for sale.

Weapons + Items

   Air Strike

       A thrown canister of colored smoke that calls in a flurry of missiles from above.

       Once the canister comes to rest, missiles will spawn after a short delay.

       Missiles spawn about 120 meters above the smoke canister.

       Missiles aim for random points within a 9 meters radius of the thrown object.  

       A total of 20 missiles are spawned.

       Each missile has an explosion radius of 3.5 meters.

       Each missile deals 75 damage to players and 200 damage to structures.

       Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, Vending Machines, and Llamas.

       Drops in stacks of 1.

       Max stack size of 2.

       Legendary variant.


Sport a new paint job and create off-road courses using Car Gallery B!

Prefabs & Galleries

   Added 4 New Galleries:

       Car Gallery B - which has more car color variants

       Snow & Mud Floor Gallery

       Grass & Sand Floor Gallery

       Lava Floor Gallery

Save The World

Double Trouble

One Smasher.. Two Smasher.. Invulnerable Smasher…Modified Smasher.

De-Atomizer 9000

Don’t trust the Atoms! They make up everything!

Missions + Systems

   New Wargames simulation: Double Trouble

   Take two Golden Smashers with cycling modifiers, make them indestructible, and set them loose on your fort.

   If that doesn’t sound horrifying enough, their ill temperament switches between attacking Heroes and the fort.

   A new Wargames simulation means more chances for Event Tickets, a new banner, and more variety to

   the Daily Wargames Challenges.

Weapons + Fortnite Items

   De-Atomizer 9000 launches into the Weekly Store!

       Launches an energy projectile that explodes and shoots 15 sub-projectiles out in all directions.

       Decimates crowds of weak enemies… and buildings!

       Available from July 10 at 8 PM Eastern Time until July 17 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

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