Virtual Pro Bowl champions take on strong teams

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Defending Virtual Pro Bowl Champions Micah Parsons and Justin Jefferson take on Tyreek Hill and Sauce Gardner in the NFL Pro Bowl: Madden NFL 23 Edition on NFL Social Channels Saturday, February 4th at 7 p.m. EST.

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EA SPORTS Madden NFL 23 is an exciting time for fans as the Pro Bowl 2023 on Verizon offers football fans a compelling new format to enjoy the best players of the season between the NFC and AFC. The only place for a big game is the entire game between this year's NFL stars. To celebrate, EA SPORTS, the National Football League (NFL), and the NFL Players Association are presenting NFL Pro Bowl: Madden NFL 23 Edition, for the third year in a row, presented by VISA at the NFL Store in Las Vegas and unveiled in February. . It comes out on Saturdays at 4:00 p.m.

Cowboys Micah Parsons and Vikings Justin Jefferson, NFL Pro Bowl Champions: Madden NFL 22 Edition, return to represent the NFC and defend their title using the official NFL Pro Bowl 2023 roster in Madden NFL 23. Charissa Thompson returns to hold the event for the third time. year and Marshawn Lynch will join as co-host for the third consecutive Virtual Bowl after winning the 2021 tournament.

EA SPORTS also continues to celebrate the outstanding sporting and cultural icon John Madden by introducing an updated version of Madden Cruiser for a new generation of football fans. During his broadcasting career, Coach Madden traveled tens of thousands of miles across the United States in a full-size bus known as the "Madden Cruiser." Today, EA SPORTS presents the Cruiser Edition, reimagined by the creative geniuses at West Coast Customs and EA SPORTS designers and engineers. The remastered Madden Cruiser Edition is equipped with the latest content creation, streaming, gameplay, and broadcast tools to introduce fans to their favorite sport and its legacy. The new Madden Cruiser will make its fan debut Sunday at the 2023 Pro Bowl at Allegiant Stadium, and then make several stops in Arizona on the way to Super Bowl LVII.

EA SPORTS madden nfl 23 coins Mobile is wrapping up the Pro Bowl tournament as a partner of the official NFL Pro Bowl Games passing game, giving fans the chance to create their own in-game passing game. get a player card for one of the six defenders who will take part in a one-minute real competition. OneTeam Partners is the exclusive licensee of the NF LPA video games and works with various partners to create an in-venue experience for fans.