Week 1 Riser and Fallers

Sep-20-2019 categories: Madden 20

Football is finally back. All unpredictable 1st-week moves remind us how much we think we know during the offseason - it's time to be completely overreacting to all failures.

The Cleveland Browns struggled after becoming one of the biggest hyped teams this summer. Kansas City Chiefs catcher Sammy Watkins broke out three times. By the way, Antonio Brown is now the New England Patriots (although he did not participate in the first week of the game).

Based on the NFL stadiums across the country, some of the Madden NFL 20 ratings for the first week are highlighted. Keep an eye on the entire season of our Madden rating adjusters in the NFL. Also remember to pay attention to cheap Madden Nfl 20 coins.

Week 1 Riser

Lamar Jackson | QB | Baltimore Ravens

Five touchdown passes, 324 yards pass, zero interception, and 158.3 pass scores.

"It's very good for the running back," Lamar Jackson joked under the pressure of the game. Jackson is known for his Michael Wick-like ability to attack with his legs moving, and apparently he took a step forward in throwing the football. He has become a dangerous QB for Madden, his 94 speed, 95 acceleration, and 95 agile combinations. But his passing accuracy rating should be a breakthrough. If he continues to follow this path, Lamar Jackson can legally become the original crazy legend and Vic's second appearance.

It should not be overlooked that speed rookie WR Marquise Brown released 140 yards and two touchdowns in his NFL debut.

Michael Gallup | WR | Dallas Cowboys

Fantasy Football League entered the season's deep sleepers, second-year receiver Michael Gallup released the 7/158/0 line in the first week against the Giants. The Giants' defense is terrible, yes, but Gallup has taken advantage of a new look for the Cowboys in his QB, Dak Prescott's offense and career, he cut New York's second pass to 405 yards, four The performance of the second touchdown. By the second week, Gallup should not only get the Madden score.

Gardner Minshew II | QB | Jacksonville Jaguar

When the Jaguar started QB, Nick Falls stopped the game in the first quarter when the clavicle broke (a few weeks after the surgery), and rookie Gardner Minshew II took over the center position. Shockingly, the sixth round completed 22 of his 25 pass attempts and broke through Jacksonville's offense, recording 275 yards pass, two touchdowns, and one interception. After impressive pitching, the broadcast announcer compared the rookie with Patrick Mahomes. Let us analyze this, but this is a good sign for the development of Minshew. His Madden 20 released a rating of 59 OVR, which may arise in the next few weeks, as long as he is still the starter of Jacksonville, waiting for a complete collapse.

Week 1 Fallers

Jameis Winston | QB | Tampa Bay Pirates

On Sunday, when Jameis Winston had a bad game and a bad decision in the entire game against the 49ers, much pre-season hype about the Pirates' offense was collapsing. In the end, Winston only invested 194 yards in 20 completions, with three draft picks and one touchdown, recording a despicable 55.6 completion rate. After the first week of performance, Winston's 76 OVR release rating looks very generous.

Colliersley | C | Green Bay Packers

In the 100th opening game of the National Football League, the Packers' starting center was rudely treated by Chicago's defensive forward. The Green Bay team was 12 yards behind in the first quarter, while center Corey Linsley was responsible for protecting QB Aaron Rodgers, who was fired five times during the game.

Deon Bush | SS | Chicago Bears

In the Bear Team season opener against the Packers, the fifth-grade defensive guard only played five times. Haha, Clinton - Dix is ?? a better player and Chicago's starting FS, so Dean Bush is hard to find playing time. Therefore, his Madden rating will be affected.

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