Weekly Bonus Event: Burning Expedition

Feb-21-2020 categories: WOW Classic

Head to Outland to face Illidan and his associates again at the Black Temple!

Black Temple raids are available throughout the Burning Expedition time traversal event. The difficulty is set to "normal" and, like any "normal" level raid, will not be available through Raid Finder. To meet this challenge, you need to bring a guild or a group of friends together, or go to Group Finder> Premade Groups. Team size (between 10 and 30 players) The team size and equipment of the team will be reduced to meet the team challenge.

Want to relive the time when you first defeated Tron Gorefiend? Face (face, face) the Soul Relic again? See the duel between Mayev and Illidan before the last battle? Now it is your chance. Inside, you can earn Transformers suits, and the pets required for Leash Traction III, Sheet Music: Burning Legion and equipment drop. For the Demon Hunter, it is tempting to get the legendary Blade of Azines. Are you ready this time? Hope cheap wow classic gold can help you!

Dungeon Burning Expedition

Open Group Finder all week (default hotkey: i) and select Dungeon Finder and Time Walk in the Type drop-down list. When you click on "Find Group", you will be paired with other players and sent to one of the following Hero Dungeon:


Black swamp

The Magister's Terrace


Broken hall

Slave pen

Your characters and items will scale down to a power level suitable for the upcoming challenge, but the boss will generate the right loot based on your natural level. A space-time walk through the dungeon also has the opportunity to drop items that normally drop when running on Heroic, and you will gain the reputation of factions interested in the dungeon. For example, as you travel through time and space with a slave pen, you will gain the reputation of the Cenarion Expedition, which will allow you to purchase the Cenarion Warhorn Eagle Mount. Buy classic gold wow and buy everything you want!

Look for the following throughout the week:

Chronicler Shoopa, the chronicler of Zuldazar, or Chronicler Toopa, the chronicler of Bora Rus, ask you. Or, if you forgot to pick it up there, you can launch it from Adventure Journal.

Mission Requirements: Complete 5 space-time walks through the dungeon.

Reward: Artifact power and a loot box, which contains a piece of equipment from Ny'alotha of ordinary difficulty in the city of wakes.


The reward system consists of a rotation schedule of different events, which is currently scheduled to run weekly starting on Tuesday. Each reward event grants passive rewards to a specific game event provide a mission for each event and provide notable rewards for achieving relevant goals. The in-game calendar can be used as a one-stop reference for event schedules. The adventure guide also provides reward events that link directly to the event, making it easy for you to accept any associated task.