​Who would it be a good idea for me I start at LT and RT

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Setting: Left-gave QB, I have 5 great handles.

Tackle #1: 99 OVR RT. Incredible at both pass professional and run hindering, 29 years of age, whiz dev.

Tackle #2: 82 OVR LT. Balanced, 83 pass professional and run obstructing, 25 years of age, speedy dev.

Tackle #3: 80 OVR LT. Pass blocker, 85 pass professional, 77 run impeding, 33 years of age, typical dev.

Tackle #4: 79 OVR RT. Balanced, 84 pass professional, 83 run impeding, 26 years of age, typical dev.

Tackle #5: 78 OVR LT. Run blocker, 86 run hindering, 77 spend star, 22 years of age (newbie, ordinary dev).

I run a pass-first offense, yet when I do run, I race to one side.

Would it be a good idea for me I...

- Attempt to exchange the 99 OVR RT and 33 year old LT for a first class edge rusher and additionally MLB, move the 82 OVR LT to the right side, and start the youngster?

Or on the other hand

- Exchange the 33 year old and keep a profundity outline by OVR?


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