World Mission Award Week gains increased prestige for completing tasks

Jun-19-2019 categories: WoW

Holiday activities are open this week! Spread out your most detailed map and map out the routes across Kurtilla and Zandala - now is the best time to engage in the world task.

This Week's Event: World Mission

Open your map (default key: M) within this week, and then view the world tasks that can be accomplished in various areas of Kurtilas and Zandala. Hover your mouse over the world task on the map to see what conditions are needed to complete the task, the rewards offered, and the time remaining for the task.

In the next week:

Zudassa and Pralas's recorders, Xiupa, will provide you with a mission - the world is waiting. Or, if you forget to pick up a task, you can open it in the adventure manual.

Task Requirements: Completing 20 World Tasks

Mission Award: 1000 Points of War Material

Passive Gain Effect: 50% more prestige gained from world missions.

If you want to make a good impression on prestigious ambassadors, this week is the best opportunity! Wow private server gold is not enough to see here.

What are holiday activities?

Holiday activities will alternately provide bonuses for different game behaviors according to the schedule. According to the current plan, holiday activities will start every Thursday. Each holiday activity will provide a passive addition to a certain game behavior, and provide a one-time task, which can be rewarded considerably after achieving the corresponding goals. You can check the calendar in the game to see the schedule of upcoming events. Adventure guides also provide the most direct access to holiday activities, so that you can easily receive the corresponding tasks. Here's the cheap wow classic gold you might need.