World of Warcraft auction house is promoting and updating

Jan-15-2020 categories: WOW Classic

The auction house is the main source of World of Warcraft for buying and selling items, and a major upgrade is coming soon. This will be part of the N'Zoth Visual Content Update released on January 14. And you can save 30% on Race and Faction Changes.

World of Warcraft gamers can now purchase as many items as needed. Players always have to buy predetermined chips at the auction house. The seller puts the piles in, and the buyer has to buy the piles. This is painful because players often buy more items than they need.

Players can now choose the number of items to buy. The player will select the number and the auction house will automatically find the best deal. The new auction house will show players the unit price and total price of the product. Similarly, the lowest price will appear at the top of the list, which ensures that World of Warcraft gamers gets the best price to buy wow classic gold.

Therefore, when a seller puts a bunch of specific items in an auction house, they will choose to pay by unit price instead of unit. This allows players to buy any number of units from the stack. Players can also add a large number of items purchased at the auction house to their favorites list. Players need to right-click the item in the list that they want to add. This is a great feature because it reduces the time to search for items, especially when players make large purchases.

Blizzard also removed copper from the listing. Prices are now advertised only in the amount of gold and silver.

Gamers were warned that Blizzard would delete all unsold items from the auction house. This will happen a few hours before the content update stops. All removed items will be returned to the seller and a warning will pop up whenever the seller releases a new item before Visions of N’Zoth.

Until the transition to the new system, gamers will not be able to add new items to the auction house. All other items in the auction house should not be affected.

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