World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic Classes Overview

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic brings back the era of the third expansion, offering players a chance to relive the game with some modern improvements. In this guide, we'll delve into the classes available in WoW CTM Classic, highlighting their roles, specializations, playstyles, and recommended races.

Death Knight

Role: Tank or Damage Dealer (DPS)

Specializations: Blood (Tank), Frost (DPS), Unholy (DPS)

Playstyle: Death Knights are formidable plate-wearing warriors infused with dark magic and runic power. They command undead minions, inflict diseases, and excel in close-quarters combat.


Role: Tank, Healer, or DPS

Specializations: Balance (Ranged DPS), Feral (Melee DPS/Tank), Restoration (Healer)

Playstyle: Druids are masters of shapeshifting, morphing into various forms for different roles. They harness nature's power for spells and can adapt swiftly to changing situations.


Role: DPS

Specializations: Beast Mastery (Pet-focused DPS), Marksmanship (Ranged DPS), Survival (Ranged/Melee DPS)

Playstyle: Hunters excel in ranged combat, utilizing pets and traps to control the battlefield. They are adept at taking down enemies from a distance.


Role: DPS

Specializations: Arcane (Burst DPS), Fire (DoT DPS), Frost (Control DPS)

Playstyle: Mages wield elemental magic, specializing in burst damage, sustained damage over time, or crowd control. They bring versatility and utility to any group.


Role: Tank, Healer, or DPS

Specializations: Holy (Healer), Protection (Tank), Retribution (DPS)

Playstyle: Paladins embody the holy crusader, providing healing, protection, or righteous damage. They are resilient in combat and bring blessings to allies.


Role: Healer or DPS

Specializations: Discipline (Healer/DPS), Holy (Healer), Shadow (DPS)

Playstyle: Priests channel the powers of light or darkness. They offer potent healing and support or unleash shadowy forces for devastating attacks.


Role: DPS

Specializations: Assassination (Poison DPS), Combat (Melee DPS), Subtlety (Stealth DPS)

Playstyle: Rogues are agile assassins, dealing lethal damage up close while utilizing stealth and trickery to gain the upper hand.


Role: Healer or DPS

Specializations: Elemental (Ranged DPS), Enhancement (Melee DPS), Restoration (Healer)

Playstyle: Shamans tap into elemental forces, wielding spells and totems to heal allies, enhance combat abilities, or unleash destructive magic.


Role: DPS

Specializations: Affliction (DoT DPS), Demonology (Pet DPS), Destruction (Burst DPS)

Playstyle: Warlocks command demonic powers, casting curses, summoning minions, and unleashing potent spells to decimate foes.


Role: Tank or DPS

Specializations: Arms (Melee DPS), Fury (Dual-wield DPS), Protection (Tank)

Playstyle: Warriors epitomize martial prowess, wielding weapons with ferocity to deal damage or shield allies from harm.

Recommended Races for Each Class

For Alliance players:

Death Knight: Humans and Dwarves offer versatility and racial bonuses.

Druid: Night Elves and Worgen excel in nature-related roles.

Hunter: Dwarves and Night Elves complement ranged combat.

Mage: Gnomes provide intellect bonuses for spellcasting.

Paladin: Humans and Draenei offer holy-themed benefits.

Priest: Humans and Dwarves enhance priestly abilities.

Rogue: Humans and Night Elves excel in stealth and combat.

Shaman: Draenei are the sole Alliance option for Shamans.

Warlock: Gnomes and Worgen have unique advantages.

Warrior: Humans and Dwarves are stalwart melee fighters.

For Horde players:

Death Knight: Orcs and Trolls are formidable choices.

Druid: Tauren and Trolls embody primal power.

Hunter: Orcs and Trolls excel in ranged combat.

Mage: Undead and Blood Elves offer magical prowess.

Paladin: Blood Elves and Tauren bring diverse strengths.

Priest: Trolls and Undead harness shadow and healing.

Rogue: Orcs and Undead are stealthy and deadly.

Shaman: Orcs and Tauren command elemental forces.

Warlock: Orcs and Undead wield dark magic adeptly.

Warrior: Orcs and Tauren are resilient and fierce.

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