World of Warcraft Classic: World Leader and PvP Honor System Available

Nov-15-2019 categories: WoW

Be prepared to test your skills in the World of Warcraft classic. The PvP honor system and world raid leaders Lord Kazzak and Azuregos are now available.

Lord Kazak

Convene a group of the best trackers and fighters and break into Blasted Lands. Lord Kazzak lives in the depths of scarred scars and patrols the area, preparing to kill all those who dare to cross his path. Be prepared to fight fast and fiercely with time and beware of his Shadow Bolt volley, which can cause a lot of damage throughout the team.

Location: Dyeing - Land of blasting

Recommended level: 60

Player suggestion: 40

Related tasks: Pastor - Although the player has a small chance to randomly drop the shadow of the eyes from the elite demons around the world, Lord Karazad will drop it. After completing the mission, the light and shadow balance will reward the weapon Benedict or Anathema.


As a member of the “Blue Dragonfly”, Azuregos lives in Azshara, guarding the magical artifacts that remain there. You need to call a group of comrades to defend against his cold reception and ask for protection of the items he protects. For the winner, this is spoils. For some hunters, this means adding light to the ancient Sinew wrapped sheets. The chance of the item falling on the Elite Blue Dragon is small, but it can be guaranteed from Azuregos. Wow classic gold should not be less.

Location: Azshara

Recommended level: 60

Player suggestion: 40

PvP honor system

The PvP honor system has entered the "World of Warcraft" classic version, opening the way for players to climb the team and get PvP rewards.

Climb the ladder

Face enemies with your character within level 10 and defeat them to gain honor kill. This honor kills will help you advance and unlock the various rewards in the PvP system, such as PvP accessories, cloaks, potions and more.

However, not all honor kills have the same value. Killing the same enemy multiple times will result in a reduction in honors until they are no longer valuable at the end of the day when the system resets the diminishing returns.

The diminishing returns of repeated kills of a single target are as follows:

First place: 100% of honor

Second place: 75% of honor

Third place: 50% of honor

Fourth place: 25% of honor

Fifth place (and beyond): 0% honor

Diminishing returns also apply to killing faction leaders.

The honor kill value is also weighted by the level and level of the player being defeated. Players who have more PvP experience and reach a higher level will get more points of contribution than those who beat the new battlefield. Every week your rankings are updated based on your activities relative to other members of the faction, but reaching the top is not an easy task, and maintaining or improving your rankings requires regular participation.

You can also earn a lot of honor by killing the city faction leaders in Darnassus, Ironforge, Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, and Undercity. Once the World of Warcraft classic version has a battlefield available, they will also provide honor.

Fallen from grace

You will be awarded a disgraceful killing for killing civilian NPCs, which will immediately affect your honor level. Every dishonest killing will make you lose the honor you won in the last few weeks, so as long as you have any dishonest killings recorded, it is difficult to achieve a higher ranking. These will immediately appear in the "Honor" tab.

Track your rising meteor

You can check your status in the Character Information window (C) of the Honor tab. This will show your current ranking, as well as the number of honor, kills on the day, the previous day, the week, the previous week, and the character's lifetime.

There are 14 levels, each offering a way to get new rewards. You will need to go to Storm Camp or Orgrimmar's officer barracks to purchase new items. I think you should need a cheap gold in wow classic.