Wotlk Classic: ​Made cataclysm a horrific enlargement

What form of rubbish troll publish is that this supposed to be exactly?

The matters that made cataclysm a horrific enlargement changed into extensively greater than the piss terrible try at sounding smart you simply posted:

Significantly decreased expertise bushes that prompted numerous troubles with magnificence/spec stability.

Significant loss of any give up recreation sports to partake in as soon as stage capped outdoor of raiding.

+5 tiers rather than the customary +10 that means that levelling changed into a comic story and a pair of out of the five levelling zones have been utter trash tier in phrases of having round them whilst levelling up WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, upload to the truth that a few quests have been bugged till the remaining patch of the enlargement earlier than being constant it changed into a mess.

Gear being normalised in order that there might now no longer any purpose to do every model of a raid, and having raid lockouts shared throughout problems changed into a comic story additionally, actually killed 25 guy raiding outdoor of server first/excessive global rating guilds, a big step backwards in phrases of raid layout and trendy tuning.

The mastery stat being utter fucking rubbish to maximum specifications and now no longer really well worth the stat budget, and absolutely pleasant or maybe a bit robust and defining that magnificence/spec, to the factor that mage changed into the most effective magnificence to have the mastery stat absolutely nerfed into the floor then definitely made over due to the fact blizz bent the knee to each discussion board whiner and crybaby cunt who stored getting 1 shot in pvp on a five minute cooldown.

The small quantity of give up recreation content material that there has been, changed into so meaningless from a participant energy factor of view, the full-size majority of content material that launched changed into unplayable for informal gamers that means for the primary time in five-6 years the bulk of the playerbase had not anything they may log in and do, making it the worst enjoy for the ones gamers due to the fact that the sport released, it additionally did not assist having a massive sub quarter, raid, buy WoTLK Classic Gold and every day quest hub reduce from the sport launch content material at some stage in 4.2, which supposed that the content material that changed into positioned into the sport changed into so restricted in scope it changed into a comic story.

All in all of the piss terrible content material stream, the utter comic story of sophistication stability, and the sheer lazy and pathetic dev crew/control crew blend supposed that cataclysm on the time changed into the worst pile of trash to grace the franchise, it had a few accurate raid content material, this is approximately it, the relaxation is not anything to jot down domestic approximately.