WoW Classic SoD: Obtaining the Flask of Nightmarish Mojoc

Season of Discovery in WoW Classic has introduced new crafting recipes, among which is the Flask of Nightmarish Mojo for Alchemy. While similar to other flasks that enhance your base stats for an hour, the Flask of Nightmarish Mojo serves a unique purpose tied to a quest called Signets of the Lost Temple. This quest, initiated by Zalgo the Explorer in the northwestern region of Stranglethorn Vale, offers special shoulder enchants that amplify your attack power, damage, and healing abilities. To embark on this journey and obtain the Flask of Nightmarish Mojo, follow these steps:

Acquiring the Flask of Nightmarish Mojo:

Purchase from the Auction House or Craft Yourself: Like many other items in the game, the Flask of Nightmarish Mojo can either be bought from the Auction House or crafted. Notably, this item isn't soulbound, allowing for free trade.

Consider Market Prices: It's important to note that early in the update, prices for consumables, reagents, and quest items can be steep. For instance, on certain realms, a Flask of Nightmarish Mojo may be listed for nearly 300 gold.

Crafting Materials: To craft the Flask of Nightmarish Mojo, you'll need the following materials:

Five Nightmare Seeds

One Crystal Vial

Five Flasks of Atal'ai Mojo

Unlock Epic Crafting: Before delving into the crafting process, ensure you've unlocked Epic crafting in phase three. This involves undertaking a lengthy quest chain, starting with "Nightmare Incursions" and "An Amalgamation of Nightmares." The recipe for the Flask of Nightmarish Mojo becomes accessible once your profession skill reaches 250 or higher. Similar to previous phases, completing this quest chain entails traversing Azeroth, so there's no need to rush, especially considering that phase three will span at least two months. You'll have ample time to delve into the quest chain and secure the coveted shoulder enchants.

By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to obtaining the Flask of Nightmarish Mojo and unlocking the mysteries hidden within the Season of Discovery in WoW Classic.

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