WoW SoD Guide: Swift 25-40 Dungeon Advancement Routes in Season of Discovery

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As the curtains rise on Phase 2 of Season of Draconic Restoration in World of Warcraft (WoW) SoD, the leveling landscape undergoes a profound transformation. Outdoor territories become contested ground as factions vie for quest objectives and resources, leading to heightened competition and potentially slower leveling progress for the unprepared. In this guide, we'll unveil essential preparations to undertake prior to Phase 2's arrival, along with meticulously crafted dungeon leveling routes and prime farming spots to expedite your journey to level 40 with utmost efficiency.

1. WoW SoD Phase 2 Leveling Preparation:

Before delving into the leveling frenzy of WoW SoD Phase 2, it's crucial to make the following preparations:

Get Buffed:

Prioritize acquiring buffs from fellow players in the open world or partake in Battlegrounds to receive beneficial buffs before setting off on your leveling expedition.

Utilize the Teleporting Trick:

Leverage the BG teleport technique to swiftly return to your starting point after engaging in other activities using your hearthstone, thus conserving precious time.

Stock Up on Consumables:

Arm yourself with a stockpile of essential consumables, particularly healing and mana potions, along with elixirs to augment your performance. Scrolls of Agility and Strength can provide that extra edge when needed.

Enchant Your Gear:

Enhance every piece of gear at your disposal through enchantments to amplify your character's prowess. Even if enchanting isn't your forte, consider delving into the profession to disenchant redundant items for valuable materials to fuel new enchantments in Phase 2.

World Buffs and Logout Skips:

Secure coveted world buffs and store them in a Chrono Boom Displacer for strategic utilization during leveling sessions. Familiarize yourself with logout skips, utilizing add-ons to pinpoint locations where these skips can be executed for swift character relocation.

Leveling Guide/Addon:

Invest in a reputable leveling guide/addon, offering a meticulously curated path for efficient leveling. Such guides provide invaluable insights into quest sequencing, optimal hearthstone placement, and more. Utilize discount codes like GUIDEMMO to maximize savings.

Flight Locations:

Strategically unlock as many flight points as possible to facilitate swift traversal across the expansive world during your leveling odyssey.

2. WoW SoD Phase 2 Dungeon Leveling Route:

Embark on a journey through the most efficient dungeon leveling route, seamlessly intertwining your leveling objectives:

Early Dungeon Farming (Levels 25-30):

Razorfen Kraul (Levels 25+):

Commence your venture into Razorfen Kraul at Level 25, utilizing newfound runes to vanquish foes and acquire epic loot, notably the BoE (Bind on Equip) items.

Recommended Level: Optimal completion of quests at Level 30.

Highlighted Loot:

Tosen Helm: Boasts melee damage stats.

Corpsemaker: A formidable axe ideal for melee classes.

Avenger's Armor: A resilient chest piece.

Casters' Consideration:

Due to the scarcity of caster-oriented loot in Razorfen Kraul, caster classes may opt to skip this dungeon.

Scarlet Monastery: The Main Attraction (Levels 28-40):

Embark on a thrilling journey through the various wings of the Scarlet Monastery, each offering distinct challenges and rewards.

Graveyard Wing (Levels 28-34):

Experience a flurry of weak mobs conducive to large pulls and rapid experience accumulation.

Loot Quality: Although generally moderate, expect occasional valuable drops from red elite mobs.

Library Wing (Level 30+ Quests):

Access quests from Alliance - Hall of Explorers in Iron Forge or Horde - Undercity and Thunder Bluff.

Encounters: Brace yourself for encounters brimming with casters, ideally suited for effective melee cleaving.

Notable Loot: Secure the coveted Dog Whistle from Hound Master Loksey along with various melee and caster items.

Armory Wing (Levels 32-39):

Embark on quests at Level 33 (Horde) or 34 (Alliance), engaging in boss encounters across multiple wings.

Mob Types: Engage in battles against stackable melee mobs, providing ample opportunities for spell cleaving.

Boss Encounter: Confront Herod, the harbinger of formidable challenges, and reap the rewards of his coveted loot.

Cathedral Wing:

Immerse yourself in strategic clearing tactics, with the potential to achieve unparalleled experience rates of up to 60k XP/hour.

Loot Highlights: Secure valuable items including a potent healing mace, resilient shield, and formidable melee gear.


Opt for melee cleaving in the library due to the prevalence of caster mobs, with notable loot offerings from Houndmaster Loksey.

Tips and Tricks:

Early Access to Corpsemaker: Prioritize Razorfen Kraul for early access to Corpsemaker, facilitating your journey towards obtaining the Whirlwind Axe from the Warrior quest.

Spell Cleaving vs. Melee Cleaving: Commit to either spell cleaving or melee cleaving to optimize efficiency throughout your dungeon exploits.

Best-in-Slot Considerations: Pursue Scarlet Monastery set items offering melee DPS gear, evaluate against Blackfathom Deeps (BFD) gear, and aim to acquire all four of Herod's loot items to optimize your arsenal.

3. WoW SoD Phase 2 Fast Leveling Farm Areas & Route (25-40):

Fine-tune your leveling trajectory with targeted farming in key regions across Azeroth:

Wetlands (25-30 Level):

Focus your efforts on farming Crimson Whelplings near the Green Belt, reaping the benefits of lucrative drops and potential pet acquisitions.

Thousand Needles (25-32 Level):

Embark on a quest to acquire Elemental Earth from Earth Elementals, capitalizing on valuable resources for various professions.

Hillsbrad Foothills (27-34 Level):

Venture into the yeti caves southeast of Tarren Mill, engaging in profitable skirmishes against these formidable foes.

Alterac Mountains (32-36 Level):

Continue your onslaught against Yetis amidst the rugged terrain of the Alterac Mountains, reaping substantial XP rewards and resource gains.

Swamp of Sorrows (32-38 Level):

Navigate the treacherous marshlands, targeting Swamp Jaguars and Whelps for lucrative spoils and potential pet acquisitions.

Badlands (34-38 Level):

Engage in relentless combat against Coyotes and Buzzards across the expansive Badlands, capitalizing on their valuable drops and resource yields.

Dustwallow Marsh (34-38 Level):

Embark on a strategic campaign against spiders, harvesting coveted Thick Spider’s Silk and Shadow Silk to fuel your tailoring endeavors.

Arathi Highlands (36-40 Level):

Unleash your fury upon Elemental Exiles scattered across the Highlands, gathering precious resources and charms essential for the Warrior Whirlwind Weapon quest.

Final Words:

As you ascend to level 40 and unlock the full potential of your class, the Scarlet Monastery stands as a beacon of opportunity, offering both leveling prowess and invaluable gear acquisition. Strategize, adapt, and conquer as you traverse the dynamic landscape of WoW SoD Phase 2, forging your path

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