WoW SoD Phase 3: Release Date & Sunken Temple Raid Leaks

Mar-26-2024 categories: WOW Classic Tag: WOW Gold, WOW Classic Gold, MMOexp

Excitement brews within the World of Warcraft community as whispers of Phase 3 in the Season of Discovery (SoD) emerge, hinting at a slew of new content and the possibility of the Sunken Temple becoming the next raid. Here's what we know so far:

Release Date Anticipation:

Blizzard hints at Phase 3 commencing in Spring 2024, with speculation pointing towards mid-April for its launch, based on previous patterns. While the exact date remains undisclosed, May or June could also see its arrival. Stay tuned for official updates as they surface.

Sunken Temple Raid Speculation:

Datamining efforts have unearthed intriguing details, fueling speculation that the Sunken Temple might transform into the next raid. Changes in lockout time and lock ID align with raid standards, indicating a shift in its status. The Sunken Temple's ties to WoW lore and its thematic connection to preceding events make it a fitting candidate for raid expansion.

Potential Enhancements:

Expectations run high for revamped encounters, epic crafting quests, and upgraded loot within the raid. The Sunken Temple's labyrinthine layout and diverse adversaries offer ample room for creative reinterpretation in a 20-player format.

Phase 3 Content Teasers:

With Phase 3 on the horizon, players can anticipate an array of new features, including:

Level cap increase to 50

Introduction of new runes

Likely profession level cap increase to 300 (Artisan)

Implementation of profession specializations, promising unique rewards

Anticipated arrival of a 20-player raid, potentially featuring the Sunken Temple

Preparation and Community Buzz:

As the community buzzes with anticipation, players are encouraged to gear up and strategize for the upcoming challenges. Updated guides and farming tips are available to help maximize in-game wealth in preparation for the new content.

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