Xbox's Madden 21 internally played games played in the real world

Feb-06-2021 categories: Madden 21

Last weekend, the NFL played games that are usually played in the real world inside Madden 21 on Xbox. To be honest, this is not an important game. Of course, this is not even part of the league year. However, every year in the TV game there is a duel of the NFL main event, the result is boring fun.

For aspiring beginners, the problem game is the professional bowl. Pro Bowl games are held after the regular season and championship games, but before the Super Bowl games. Usually, this is the "best" summary at the end of the year. Fans voted for the best player to create two "super teams" and then compete for fun and win a special annual championship. Functionally, this is indeed a wise way to keep the NFL on the TV screen and sell Madden 21 coins, and keep public awareness within the week between the championship and the final game of all marbles, the Super Bowl.

In fact, Pro Bowl is always fun. For example, no player is willing to risk being injured in a ultimately meaningless match, so it is easier with heavy tackles, relaxed rhythm and relaxed mood. This means that it is not surprising when the NFL decides to cancel the game and does not want the adventure to be held in a pandemic after the end of the season.

They can use multiple formats, but eventually adopted the four-frame format on Twitch, YouTube and other platforms. There are many contemporary NFL stars on both sides playing bowling, such as candy wall and some old-fashioned dice toys.

The end result is one of the most brilliant, complex and exciting e-sports events I have ever seen. Half of these guys don't know how to play games. They are groping, yelling to their teammates that they don't understand the way the buttons are. People found an effective game and made cheese four times in a row to achieve touchdowns, the main content of video games.

This half-hour broadcast is full of interesting and humorous moments. At the ceremony, the retired NFL superstar Marshawn Lynch hyped up because of being intercepted. The Seattle Seahawks star Jamal Adams started playing, only to realize that he was not participating in the game himself. Therefore, he paused, entered the menu, and then walked away, cheering. For me, one of the players yelled and mentioned that during that time, WWE wrestler Booker accidentally called Hulk Hogan a victory, which is one of the best live broadcasts I have ever seen.

In the end, it's a bit silly, but it works. In fact, as a celebration of the NFL season, it is more effective than the actual real Pro Bowl, which is usually just a skippable zero-stake game at the end of the season.

Perhaps most notably, this one-hour broadcast can let fans know how much of the eight people involved. Their jokes and back and forth are funny, but also very real. This feeling is particularly valuable in sports where athletes wear helmets.

The comments confirmed this. People call it the best professional bowl ever, if not all. The sports news organization welcomes this and believes it is actually a true professional bowl. Even the team got involved, posting highlights of players' highlights on Twitter, just like in a real professional bowl game. All merged together.

EA's Madden may not be a perfect simulation. Many NFL fans (including me) are eager to see what 2K Sports can do with their different NFL video games. But the 2021 Pro Bowl game is Madden's best advertising in years, the league, the game, and Mut 21 coins and watching are very interesting. It should become a new tradition.