​Arena games crit issues

Tonight I tracked via Details! My 5s arena games were to a maximum of points, and over 10 games, my mortal strikes and melee generally were between 5% to 15 percent crit. The highest I could achieve on any item was 22% of crit.

The issue is that my statistic sheet shows 39.77 Critique. I'm pretty much BiS gear. Allies are expected to have 9-12% reduction in crit. This means that there is about 10% crit not being eliminated consistently between games.

Does anyone else have this issue? On Details! The warriors of the enemy were all around 25-40 percent crit, therefore it feels like it's just me.

Rng is the word for rng.

10 games aren't an adequate sample size for rng to average out to its actual value. It is especially true if you're likely to reset the data after each game (likly since you mentioned that the most you could achieve was x, so the sample sizes of your games are smaller and are more "worthless" accuracy-wise) and even if you aren't, this is a small sample. You're not even the 50% needed to begin drawing conclusions the probability of this random happening occurring in the correct quantity.

There is no information to determine what percentage that a coin needs to be heads to an accurate level and also something that's only a couple of percent off, compared to a staggering 50 percent. You're reporting the massive difference of 17 percent from your estimated Crit Rate game to game , which shows how bad your testing method is, as it's an enormous margin of error and you've got too small a sample to be able to suppose that your margin or error actually covers the proper interval and isn't an unlucky streak. Not at all accurate.

Additionally, looking at only two possibilities, those two makes absolutely no sense when you have an entire printout to expand the quantity of data quickly. The only reason I can find that you should focus on these two against the totality of hostile attacks is to decrease the amount of data in order to create a false picture of what's going on. All attacks are scaled according to the same statistic. It is true that we are only taking a look at the sims of all enemies, but the independent values also help to identify outliers.

Before we get to the differences between you comparing the same target over and over again when warriors pounding you with a much more consistent opponent (warriors) as opposed to you hitting not just one class, but a variety of players in the same game. The different comps between games further reveals the worth of your numbers. Are resilience varies.

If you're looking to see whether your crit works correctly , play a skirmish duel against a set opponent for 30 or more games to obtain a decent sample size before you begin. Making sure to record all melee attacks in every time you play. It could be small, but at the very least it'd be less prone to error and get a sense of what's going on , versus the somewhat inaccurate numbers you provided that don't reveal anything.

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